Saturday, December 3, 2011

Untitled 189

Pastel on UArt, approx. 4.5" x 5".

This one and the next one I'm going to post (Untitleds 189 and 190) make a really nice pair. I'm going to be framing them and about seven others for my next show, which I will be hanging on Dec.28.
I'm a little bit worried about Rumi. He had his annual checkup recently, and has lost 10% of his body weight--and he was already a very slim cat. It's strange, for a young and otherwise apparently healthy cat. The vet wants me to bring him in again in about 6 more weeks to reweigh him. He's a very hyperactive cat and I think maybe he just burns off more calories than he can hold onto. His symptoms sound like hyperthyroid, but usually only senior cats suffer from that; Rumi is still a spring chicken.

In India.


ELFI said...

en admiration, ton canapé est toujours pourtant les chats ont des griffes;ils sont bien élevés?

Jala Pfaff said...

ELFI - Mais non! Malheureusement, il faudrait le voir le dessous, les pieds, et les cote's! :) Les griffes, oui, ils causent beaucoup de degats aux meubles!