Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pastel paintings en famille

There's some glare and perspective distortion and whatnot, but you get the idea. Here's the framed-up pastels hanging and ready for the weekend (Open Studios). I realized all my frames were black and the same size (11" x 14"), but not all were the same kind of frame. Oh well. I still think they look pretty great.

It makes me greedy--wishing I could see all my pastels framed, not just a small percentage.

Art is weird, though, no? in the sense that here I've chosen what I think are some of my best works, that I love, and now I have to hope they go out the door, never to return--in order to be able to afford frames for the next round.

And now here's a random assortment of recent pastels, just to give an idea of how they look in a group:

 Fennec contemplates whether it's worth the effort to get fully back onto the couch...

Apparently not.

In India, at the government weavers' center.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Night moon

Pastel on Sennelier LaCarte, approx. 4" x 9".

Been a while since I did a moon. This is called "Night Moon"--redundant title? Not really, because the last couple of moons I did were Day Moons. Oh, and there was a Solstice Eclipse one too.

I love the special bond between Rumi and Gadjo. From the moment they met, they were two peas in a pod. And they still are.


In India, at the weaving cooperative.

Don't forget, these next two weekends are Open Studios here in Boulder. Come visit me if you're in town. I'm Studio #92 this year.

This Friday night is the reception at the Boulder Public Library, 6 -8 pm--see one piece from each of the 129 participating artists.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Untitled 162

Pastel on UArt, approx. 4" x 5".
I had some dreadful problem with my iPhoto library. I still don't understand what happened or how The Husband patched up the problem or if the problem is fixed now for sure. But I am happy to be able to blog again today finally!

Coy boy on the couch.


In India. 

I thought this was some sort of tombstone. The Husband said it's something to do with telephone cables. Or electricity. Something like that.

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