Saturday, May 17, 2014

Untitled 288

Untitled 288.  Pastel.  Approx. 4" x 4".   Purchase information: jala [at] jalapfaff [dot com]
Long time no blog, I know. I haven't literally disappeared--just been kind of exhausted running around trying to deal with stuff, make ends meet and keep me and my animolecules afloat. So far, we're all still here. Have you missed us?

No time to paint lately, either. The pastel above is from a couple of months ago.

Relatedly, I decided not to participate in Open Studios this October. It was a hard decision and makes me sad, but this year I just don't have the funds to apply or to participate (two different fees), or the physical and mental energy to do all the work that's involved in getting ready for, and actually doing, those two weekends. 

I'll try to remember to send out an announcement about it in the fall, so that anyone who was planning on visiting will know I won't be in it. 

I'm always happy to make appointments for people to come look at my art anytime, though, so please let me know if you'd like to.
The only bad thing about the cat bed is that they're in it so often, they don't cuddle with me as much now! 

 The size difference with my cats always amazes me. Gadjo and Rumi each weigh about eight pounds. They're both still underweight--by one pound (Gadjo) and two pounds (Rumi)--but at least they haven't been losing any more lately.

Fennec--and this is a major accomplishment--is a little below 18 pounds. His heaviest (19.6? pounds) was when he turned 1 year old and I took him for his one-year checkup. The vet hadn't seen him since he was 12 weeks old, and her jaw practically dropped to the floor. For a while, Fennec's head looked too small for his body. It's starting to be more in proportion now.

What can I say, Fennec is a monster. I have to remember to bend my knees when I have to pick him up (and I never pick him up just for fun, the way I do with the other two). When I have to trim his claws, it's a full-body contact sport. It's like wrestling a puma. He would've given Steve Irwin a run for his money. (Fennec is truly a very passive, mellow, sweet cat...except when you try to mess with his raptor-sized talons.)


Gorgeous Easter eggs, no? 

I saw these at a friend's house and remarked on the wonderful, rich, deep colors. She said (and I love this--both for her ingenuity and because this is such a Boulder anecdote) she had everything prepared to dye the eggs, but then realized she was out of vinegar. 

...So she used imported Italian balsamic. Those were some sophisticated, expensive Easter eggs!

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