Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White 8

I know my painting cannot compete with either how striking this little Indian girl is (we had bought some guavas and gave one to her), nor with this awesome new kitty-pile video.

But I'll try nonetheless.

This is the last of the small eight White oil and cold wax paintings. In the next few days, I'll try to photograph them as a group and post that.


While the big kitties sleep, our little hero Gadjo must vanquish the evil tail monster alone. He is very brave.


Caroline Simmill said...

What size is your painting Jala? I really love your white series they are very unique and make a serene statement of peace. What a beautiful wee child!

Diane Hoeptner said...

Kitty video too funny. (: I'm looking forward to seeing the white series together as a group!

Anonymous said...

White 8 is great and I'm looking forward to seeing all the white paintings together.

That little girl is gorgeous!

Is that a 3 kitty pile up?

suzanneberry said...

i LOVE your painting! i too am looking forward to seeing them in a group, most impressive. and that little girl is mesmerizing. and as always i love the pet porn!:0)