Sunday, December 12, 2010

All the White paintings together

Here's all eight White paintings together, in their final configuration. I actually wanted to display them on a white wall, for the ultimate minimalism...but I needed to be able to use pushpins to arrange them quickly and temporarily, so I used the outside of the studio wall.

You can get a feel here, I hope, for how nice and solid the panels themselves are, with their 2" museum profile of natural (sealed) wood. Each is 6" x 6", oil and cold wax.

They look great as the eight together, and they also look really great in pairs: 7 and 8, 5 and 6, etc. They could be displayed as pairs, or as all eight together. (In the group photos, look at the top two as a diptych, then the next two as a diptych, etc.) The reason they look good as small diptychs is that in each pair, one panel is more "busy" and the other more sedate. When all eight are shown together, they alternate perfectly throughout the arrangement.

There is purposely some degree of variation in the actual white "color" (brightness, warmth, coolness, etc.) from panel to panel, though not as much as it seems in the individual photos below; they were all taken at different times and in different places.


Waah, I have the flu.

Which really makes me mad, since this year I decided to get a flu shot to prevent it. It's amazing how miserable a tiny little virus can make you feel. Everything hurts. Last night I had a fever so high that it was completely obvious my body was trying to cook it out.

They fit so well together, two happy, furry interlocking pieces.

The other day (before I got the flu), we went on a hike. Knock wood, and yeah, I know it's bad in terms of fire danger, but this so far is the most beautiful winter--warm and dry--in my 20 years here.

And now I know Mother Nature's gonna make me pay for having said that.

This photo, taken near the end of the hike, is for my blogging buddy Sonya Johnson, who takes the world's best sky photos.

These paintings are sold.
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Sonya Johnson said...

First - sorry that you have the flu. That sucks and you have my "get well fast" healing vibes sent your way

Second - nice to see all 8 of the panels together, both on the wall and then reposted individually; it gives them more context and I like comparing the differences between them

Third - the Rumi-Gadjo Unit is so cute I can hardly stand it. You need to do one of those self-publish books of the cat pictures, because I want a copy!

Fourth - that cloud picture is awesome! Lenticular flying saucer clouds - woot! And with beautiful yellow grasses and shadows to go along with it. And for me?? As Wayne would say: "You da bomb, Jala!"

Caroline Simmill said...

I hope you get better soon Jala. The eight paintings look lovely and thank you for posting them individually too. I think they would look different on a pale wall even a turquoise colour or pale grey. It will be interesting to see how they look against a different background.
The photograph is really something!
Love those cute cats! I just saw the cat video really made me smile.

loriann signori said...

Hi Jala, I am sorry to hear that you have the flu! What a drag! Hopefully the flu shot will make your symptoms brief, albeit severe.
You kitties look always.
It is great to see all the white panels together. I agree with Caroline about the possibilities of colored walls. Where are you planning on showing them?
Take care!
PS Gorgeous photo! said...

The white paintings look fab. They match the kitty combo!

Boo....sorry about the flu.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Jala, so sorry . I think the flu shot causes the flu :(
Love the white panels which as someone pointed out would look smashing on a colored wall which would enhance their subtlties.
Come over and see my new babies....teaser......

Sheila Vaughan said...

The whites are beautiful, sedate and mysterious.They answer the question - what's a picture? what's a painting? Well, it's this. What else. Hey, sorry about the flu = it will have its time out but hope you are over the worst asap.

brian eppley said...

These great whites are intriguing. Would love to see them in person. Unfortunately, I live in the new Arctic.

Melinda said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures this week.

The paintings look quite good where they are right now. I've enjoyed clicking on them and enlarging them to see their detail. Well done.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

suzanneberry said...

oh my, i did so need to see these all together. they are amazing! i would love to stand in front of them for a while. i love sheila's comments..sedate and mysterious, but i feel a solid undercurrent of tension at the same time. just wonderful as always.

damn flu shots give you the flu. typical. i hope you feel better soon. and don't take any cold medicine, it stops the body from getting rid of it. your body was indeed cooking out the germs!

and the kittys just warm my cockles. do i have those? anyway, something is warmed by their adorableness. feel better soon, enjoy the holidays healthy and have a happy, creative new year!


8 look excellent jala ...very minimal ... happy christmas to you and your husband jala