Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally home

Grueling journey back. As if it's not a long enough trip without being stranded in Chicago for an extra seven hours due to United suddenly canceling that leg of my flight...

I always have to do the recap just to show you all how utterly miserable I was:

1 hr. taxi to airport in Hyderabad
3 hrs. wait in airport (flight delayed)
9.5 hrs. flight to Frankfurt
2 hrs. wait in Frankfurt
8.5 hrs. flight to Chicago
7 hrs. wait in Chicago airport
2 hrs. flight to Denver
2 hrs. wait for bus (bus delayed)
1 hr. bus to Boulder
15 min. car ride to house

I'm so glad to be home again and with all the animolecules.

Here are some random images from India (random as in, I don't know any of these people).

(Above) This is a very unusual sight for India. The only thing I can think is that perhaps it is his sister. Couples do not hold hands in public there. However--and very strangely to my American eyes--pairs of male friends frequently do.


Hide-and-seek around Jazz's dog ramp...

I often wonder how it changes their play, the fact that Rumi is deaf. I wonder if Gadjo realizes Rumi is playing strangely, that he isn't observing whatever the normal cat play rules are. E.g., during hide-and-seek, Rumi can't hear sounds that are hints as to where Gadjo ran to, or where he is. I wonder if Gadjo thinks Rumi is a little bit dim?

But it doesn't seem to matter--these two are best buddies, and play for hours every day.

I brought Gadjo to the vet today for his second round of vaccinations. He is absolutely enormous for his age. He is close to half of Rumi's weight already. The vet thinks Gadjo will end up at 12 - 15 lbs. He's very leggy and has really big paws for his size. His nose is getting even longer and pointier, too--his face, from the top, looks exactly like a mouse. Cute and funny-looking at the same time. (These photos are from the first few days we had him. His snout is more elongated now.)

The vet tech "stole" Gadjo and brought him to the back rooms to show him off to all the other workers, and I heard a lot of feminine-voiced awwwwww!s coming from back there. He was covered in several different layers of perfume when I got him back.

It's those blue eyes of his. He bewitches the females. Even human females.

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Mona Diane Conner said...

Holy smokes Jala, with that itinerary I'd be complaining too! Your pics of India are exquisite.

ELFI said...

j'aime le reportage du voyage, et le petit + sur les chats..

Sonya Johnson said...

Welcome back! Yeah, that return itinerary sounds like an absolute nightmare. I'd have lost my sanity after the first 6 hrs.

Love all the photos - India and the fur units playing together.

Bonnie Luria said...

Jala-Maybe the clue is in the name: HyderaBAD.

Do you get to the point of not even caring anymore because you're so dead on your feet? I balk when I have one layover.
You and Sanjay are surely dedicated to your mission and those of us queuing up for the first purchases of your great clothes want to personally thank you for the sacrifices.
Horrid and grueling.

Your photos however are so very descriptive as are your narratives.

What magic do you and Sanjay employ to choose kitties? You absolutely pick the best examples of catdom that would convert feline haters.
They look to be so tender towards each other.

PS- please private email me your home mailing address- I can't find it.

Pam Holnback said...

That's way too many hours for me! Great photos! said...

I needed a nap after reading that itinerary. How you ever made it back is a small miracle. I love the pictures of India.

and the kitties.....

loriann signori said...

Sounds like quite a journey. I am sure you are happy to finally be back with your lovies. Welcome back!