Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday berries

...though not cranberries. These are something that grows as a very large shrub near our front gate. It has (I found out) big sharp thorns, too.  

The Husband had taped this little twig to our living room wall so he could test out his new tripod and macro lens camera. But I want to paint it! I exclaimed. No, came the response. It's taped up there right where I want it--don't move it!  

So I set up something else in the studio to paint and turned up the heat in there so I could work pretty soon. While waiting for the heat to start cranking in the studio, I sat on the couch back in the living room to do some internet time-wasting, er, work. While on the couch, I suddenly heard this tiny little thwack from across the room--the little twig had abandoned its post, falling to its death, and was promptly attacked by three cats at once. But!!--I rescued it and immortalized it in this painting.

Because we don't really celebrate any holidays (bah, humbug), did no family visiting thing, and are vegetarians to boot, this has been a few days of painting for me, rather than of consuming turkey. What did we have for our "Thanksgiving dinner"? Pasta with sautéed broccoli and pine nuts. By the way, anyone know any really good recipe for pumpkin pie without egg?

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Fongwei Liu said...

Beautiful work Jala, I will link you blog to my list for sure!

Jala Pfaff said...

Thank you, Fongwei! By the way, your painting of the tiger is absolutely amazing.

Sylvia Jenstad said...

I agree.. love your colours... everything... very cool

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Sylvia, and thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog! I absolutely love your paintings of rocks.