Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finally, fall is here / Kitties as criminals

...and it is beautiful.

A reminder: Boulder Open Studios 2012 starts this weekend

Also, the show (one piece from each of the 100+ Boulder Open Studios 2012 artists) is now up at the Boulder Public Main Library, on the Canyon side. This Friday is the big reception, from 6 - 8pm, public welcome. The show stays up through Oct.14.

What's going on here?:

Oh, it's just a new Rumi sleep position. Looks comfortable, no?

(He stayed that way for about two hours, sound asleep.)
The perpetrator (one of a suspected duo with multiple previous convictions) returns to the scene of a middle-of-the-night crime...
Seriously, I love my kitties so much...but Gadjo + Rumi + a small apartment really is like living with a band of wild monkeys most of the time.

(Fennec isn't destructive. Mostly because he's generally a really laid-back dude, but maybe also because he's so big he can't jump up onto places and knock things down. Rumi and Gadjo are like circus acrobats on amphetamines during the majority of their waking hours...and then angelic little cherubs when asleep.)

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Viviane said...

That is quite the job well done on the part of the "criminals". My own "destroyer" at home would be impressed. I keep telling him that it's a good thing I absolutely adore "anumules", or he would be toast by now. Nary a week goes by without a wine glass finding the kitchen floor the hard way. Maybe I should just drink less wine, or just drink it in a different (sturdier) glass? But where would be the fun for Toby?

Micros said...

Hola Jala

Hanging by a nail. . . how magnificent.

You are truly blessed to have ring side seats, then again, at least the perpetuator(s) felt guilty enough to stay with the evidence.



Mary Sheehan Winn said...

OMG!!! hooligans!!