Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yay for window screens

World's best buddies.

 I realized I hadn't seen Fennec for a few hours, so I started looking around...and finally located him, or at least his bottom half:

Yay for window screens! I fiiiiiinally got them. Being able to open the windows is sooooo nice.
Fennec and Gadjo immediately discovered that wow, there are birds out there!

I don't like the red (accent) walls in my living room, not so much the color but mostly because the value is too dark. It seems to be kind of trendy these days to paint one's living and dining rooms rich but quite dark colors, like deep red or dark brown. Not right for me. If I stay here long enough I might try to paint them, though how one would manage that with three cats around, I don't know.

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Shelley Smart said...

Yay!! You got screens!

I too don't care for those dark accent walls esp. red! I never had any trouble painting walls with cats around. Just got to keep the paint tray covered like with an upside down box when you're busy rolling the wall. Or confine them in another room. Sounds easy, right? LOL

Sounds like you're settling in! I hope your life is more peaceful now.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Shelley,

Yes, somewhat more peaceful, though I still feel unsettled in many ways. I guess it will take time. My life feels like it has no shape or direction.

I really dislike the wall color. I'm thinking plain white. The only issue with that is that all the trim is currently painted white, and you know how two different whites never ever match.

I think my cats will try to touch or rub up against the walls while they're wet. I wonder how long it takes the paint to dry to the touch. Guess I need to go to a hardware store soon...

Congratulations on your move, by the way.

Shelley Smart said...

Paint dries to the touch (latex paint) in about officially 30 minutes, but if it's a nice warm and dry day can be quite dry in about 15 min. - If the paint isn't too thick. I had a cat walk through my oil palette once (yikes--kitty prints!) but none ever rubbed up against any walls. Yeah whites are difficult to match so you could go like a bit off-white so it deliberately doesn't match? Or some other color entirely! this red will take a couple or three coats to cover. :-( "They" say to wait 4 hours before adding another coat. Hmm, impatient as I am, sometimes I don't wait that long!!

Moving is such a bear! After we did the final move and I cleaned the whole former place, I drove to my daughter's in Newport Beach and helped HER move. Sheesh. Now I have so much to sort through and unpack. I don't think I'll get to paint or get back to work on the book I'm currently writing. I, too, miss my old life.

I hope you find yourself again-- either the old one or a fresh new one!!

Reinventing oneself takes a bit of time.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The place looks cozy and the floors are lovely, kind of like the previous place. Um... Shelley's right about acrylic paint drying quickly and you could lock the cats in the bedroom or something while you paint.
My free advice is to buy the best $$ paint or else you will be painting and painting many coats. Valspar is supposed to cover in one go but with the red, you may have to prime first.
Have a painting party ;)