Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starting to organize the new studio

Foreshortening study, approx. 11" x 14", Conté on paper.
From art school.

So, I'm making a little progress on figuring out how to organize stuff to be able to create some working space in the new studio. 
This is a view from up in the loft (storage for canvases), looking down into the studio space. Feel some vertigo? Me too. It's actually rather terrifying to lug big canvases up and down the ladder. I had to buy three different ladders before I got one tall enough (8 ft.). Technically you're not supposed to step on the top two steps, so I guess I really need a 10-foot ladder, but forget it.
I'm figuring out how to maneuver: you constantly alternate with your right hand, switching that hand every other rung between using the wall ladder and the floor ladder; while carrying a painting in your left hand; and using your feet on the floor ladder. The top rung of the wall ladder is a bit loose, too, making everything more challenging because you have to remember to avoid it during the transition from top of ladder (on the very top step, which of course you shouldn't be using in the first place) to standing on the actual loft.
But it's great to have that storage space, even if it is a bit life-threatening to use it. Nevertheless, I will still have major space problems in this studio. Four times smaller is a lot smaller, when it comes to an art studio with three different media.

Floor view of the (currently unusable because too crowded with stuff) art studio space.
Can you find my little helper in the photo? He won't be allowed in once there's wet paint happening.
Sadly, still no news of Cleo. I'll certainly tell you in the future if there is any. I check the Humane Society website's photos of found cats every day.
I actually had a dream last night that she showed up at the old house. Not too realistic since in the dream, I myself was still living in the house.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... The gang's all here, and there's no room for me on the bed. (Note Crazy Rumi's crazy face.)

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Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your new life. Take care on that ladder! Cleo will turn up somewhere.....cats are miraculous and can travel miles to find their owners again...you hear stories about this kind of thing all the time.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Eeeeek! I'm a three rung limit kinda girl myself ;o) I get too woozy and have been known to get the giddies looking down a staircase. You are brave.
Your new studio looks like it's got great light, I'm looking forward to seeing your new work once you get settled. Best wishes.

Sandy Byers said...

What a great furbed. I love your photos. I am wishing you the best with your new studio space.

Shelley Smart said...

Love your albeit small studio!

We officially moved today --although it's been a drawn-out process. What a pain! Literally. still have a lot to move from the kitchen though. I am happy to have a studio again but like yours the small space is crammed with boxes and framed art. Although I don't like heights either I envy you your loft!

The animals look comfy!

Kathye said...

Be careful up on that ladder and in the loft!!! I hope your new art studio comes together quickly -- I have been missing your artwork!
Sorry to hear about Cleo -- he will show up as the first commenter said. I love the photo of the cat watching the washing machine -- too cute!!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I see her your helper ;)
Love your new place and Jala, you have done Yeoman's work keeping it together and moving on during such a difficult and scary time. I'm proud of you and you should be too.
I HATE the HEAT ;)

beatrice De said...

Heureusement que vous avez de la hauteur !