Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gadjo helps unpack

This evening I had one of those senior moments... It was once again terribly hot, 99 degrees F today, and I wanted to take Mojito to the lake for him to cool off. I put on his halter, and as I stepped out of the apartment I aimed the automatic car key thingie at my car...but didn't hear the beep. I kept pressing the button, probably five times, bewildered... So I went out to unlock the car manually... 
No car. No car?!!
It took me a little while to remember I'd brought the car in earlier to get the rear brakes replaced, and left it there overnight so they can work on it tomorrow morning. Oy.

In other news, I'll be bringing Rumi to an internal medicine vet specialist on Monday. (You can see in the photo how his poor little hipbones and ribcage are visible. Breaks my heart. But again--he is super happy, as he always has been.) (I realized that my three cats are like the three bears--one too fat (Fennec), one too skinny (Rumi), and one just right (Gadjo).)

Gadjo is very helpful when it comes to unpacking:

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