Friday, July 13, 2012

Under the heat

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. And the weather is very hot again. So, I guess I am feeling "under the heat." 
Other than taking Moji out, I'm just taking it easy today and hoping to feel better tomorrow. No progress at all right now in organizing the studio. It's the hottest room in the house, the screen-fixers can't come 'till July 26, and I ain't goin' in there unless the weather cools down some.

Why does blogger keep changing my fonts and highlighting things in white?? No idea what that's about. I like how every time they "update" versions, something gets screwed up.

Cleo: no news. :(

Rumi: I took him in for a reweigh today. It's been a month. He has lost more weight.  :(  He's so scrawny. The good thing is that, as always, he seems perfectly happy and acts normal. The next thing will be to consult an internal vet medicine specialist, as soon as my vet calls me with a recommendation.

Fennec: the youngest cat, and practically weighs the same as the other two put together.

Fennec: camouflaged feets.

Crazy, darling, scrawny Rumi-Tunes (don't know why I started calling him that).

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Carol Lee Beckx said...

Glad I'm not the only one that has text changed and highlighted! It's frustrating and time consuming to correct...

Anonymous said...

Jala, we have the opposite to heat here…. just rain, rain, rain and flooding. My garden studio feels damp and icky, so I am in the house to most of the time. If I get bitten by one more mosquito or flying bug I will scream! I noticed that you belong to Oil and Wax. Do you still use CW medium? So glad you are settling in OK. It must be tough, but at least you have YOUR own space, hot or not. Also glad that the screens are getting fixed. I know the affection from the little ones must be a great healer…the biggest hurdle is over…… (although it may not feel like it right now)…You have made the break, and your new life journey has begun.

cohen labelle said...

I like this drawing very much! It's such a positive thing to organize one's studio. The great thing about drawing is that it's very portable.