Monday, July 23, 2012

More contour sketches, and Rumi update

These are some more contour sketches from an old sketchbook. I remember doing these at an airport. The last two are guys that were dozing uncomfortably in their chairs, waiting for a flight.


Gadjo, oozing as he naps. Gravity was winning, but he slept right through it.

Doggie boredom--waiting to go to the lake.

Rumi update: I took him to an internal med specialist today. She thinks it's very likely one of two possibilities: either IBD (not IBS), or FIP.  Pick an acronym. Actually, pick the first acronym, because we do not want FIP.

IBD is possible but not likely, because statistically, his age is too young for IBD. Nevertheless, we'll treat (change in steroid dosage, anti-inflammatory med, and diet switch to single protein) for IBD because it's easy and won't hurt to do so. If he responds well to this, it means he does actually have IBD and we might see a little weight gain beginning in a month or two.

FIP we sure as hell don't want, but it's more probable. Why don't we want it? Because it is incurable and fatal. There is no test for it per se, it's sort of like you rule out everything else, like IBD for example. If he has FIP, he will continue to decline (i.e., lose weight) either slowly or rapidly--very unpredictable--and may or may not have any other symptoms. But if he does have FIP, it will kill him, sooner or later. :((((

I'm trying not to think too much about it right now, or about how awful it would be to lose my hilarious, sweet, crazy Rumi, and for Gadjo to lose him. And keeping my fingers crossed that he has IBD instead. And I'll just give him lots of love as usual, and be glad that his quality of life is (still) great and he's happy. It's all just a big question mark right now. 

Everyone, give your animolecules a special hug today in Rumi's honor--Rumi, regardless of which disease he has, is here to remind us that we never know how much time we will have with our furry loves.

Dramatic Colorado July skies.

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Karin Goeppert said...

I am crossing my fingers for you. In January we lost our beloved Lucy to what was probably FIP.
All the best.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

So true and hugs to all of you.