Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gadjo and Rumi

Thank you for your continued positive thoughts for Cleo. No news. 
Rumi and Gadjo are the most bonded kitties I've ever known. They're best buddies.

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Carol Lee Beckx said...

I miss my Chloe so much - she was a Sealpoint so much like yours it uncanny. Love seeing your pics.

SamArtDog said...

Where's Fennec the Fat?

Shelley Smart said...

Poor confused Cleo. Cats have been known to travel many, many miles to return "home." She may show up in Boulder yet. Prayers for her safe keeping.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Carol - Hope it makes you smile (even if wistfully) to see Gadjo's pics. Was your Chloe petite and elegant-limbed too? We got Gadjo as a kitten from the Humane Society (who would give him up??!). He grew fast and I expected him to keep up that rate of growth and end up being very tall and long, but he sort of stopped growing around 8 or 9 months and is pretty petite for a male kitty. I love his skinny little monkey arms so much.

Sam - Not to worry, Fennec the Fat is around. And round.

Shelley - Thank you. I have heard those stories too...if any cat has a chance at that, it would probably be the bold, brave, outdoorsy Cleo Bean.