Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jaipur 5

Mojito (the dog) had just licked Miss Lemon's head for about ten minutes, leaving her with this little kitty mohawk.

Jaipur palace.

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loriann said...

Hi Jala, This one makes me sooo curious. In many ways it is very different...what sparked it? Something visual? And how big is it? Love the little kitty mohawk. I read somewhere that head licking is a dominance thing. For instance the kins is only allowed to lick stripes, not visa-versa. How does that theory play out in your house? Maybe it's different with cats and dogs vs. just cats.

Ian Foster said...

This is stunning in its simplicity, I am in awe of this work. Bravo!!

Kaylyn said...

HI. I need to de-lurk my blog, so I'll be good and say 'Hey, I was here'!! (by way of loriann's site)

So glad I found this. I love your paintings...especially the latest and the earlier yellow one. There is a suggestion of form or edge that I find very intriguing. Sometimes color is just enough, but it takes courage to leave it at that.

And your cats. Half way around the world and they are just like the many cats I've known. The current one is a total waste of time and the money we spend on his food, but occasionally entertaining enough that we keep him around!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

These 3 images are all of 'creamy' things! I love it! Miss Lemon is very loved by that pup (and everyone who knows her, I guess!). My orange kitty licks me at bedtime every night (whether I want my face cleaned again or not) and then I have to hold my thumb up and he licks IT, and pushes his face forward so my thumb can 'lick' HIS face! Love, love, love!

This abstract rocks. I think the restraint you use is the key to your success in all your abstracts.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Loriann - Only allowed to lick stripes? Hahahahaha! :D
About this painting, yes, the inspiration is those decorative thingies at the top of the palace wall (as in the photo on this same post). They, with the backdrop of that pale blue Indian sky... It's 10.5" x 7" (in the labels area). Thanks for looking and wondering!

Ian - thank you very much. The eternal struggle between too much and not quite enough. It's fascinating enough for a lifetime, isn't it?

Hi Kaylyn and thanks for de-lurking! :) The part about it requiring courage to leave something very simple...I completely agree.
All kitties are priceless, in my opinion. And often entertaining too.

Hi Kelley - All "creamy things." I liked that, it made me smile. You're right.
Kitties rock. (Dogs too.)
About the restraint remark...YES. I have to remember to put that in my blog commentary one of these days.