Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boiling point

This reminded me of a thermometer, or a Ph test strip.


I've decided I like Bonnie's take on the whole time/blog/painting dilemma. She likens the time spent enjoying others' art blogs as similar to museum-going. There aren't many museums where she is now, and there aren't a lot here either. Hear that, everyone? You're all museum-worthy!

Please know that even when I fail to reply to a comment, I will have gratefully received and read it.


In the Jaipur palace.

It's just so hard to get any cleaning done around here!


Irina said...

Great video. I wonder who gets more joy - the one who cleans or this vacuum cleaned beauty.
Great sense of humour. Termometer...
Great photo. Special eye to see such scenes.
Great idea about museum worth blogs. Your's one is for sure.
Do I know any other words then "great"? Not in this case.

Dar Presto said...

Cool painting, neat photo, and a Rumi video that completely made my day. We lost our dear 18 y.o. cat, my constant companion, in January, and your fur family has given me much peace. Thank you!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

No museums here either. How nice to sit with a cup of tea and visit so many museums at one time!

bonnieluria said...

You have, at least, a very dust free cat!
I want Rumi. I want Rumi.
Get him on You Tube. That's just ridiculous.

PS- I have the same vacuum ( another color ) but cannot suction the dirt off my animals. They're not as compliant.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

He's saying "vacuum my teeth"! Love this! And I, too, describe my trips through the art blogsphere as a trip to a museum, or a set of really fine galleries. Love the test strip painting!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Irina - Thank you for your great comments! :)

Hi Dar - I'm so happy to hear that my fur babies make someone else happy too. I totally understand about losing one's beloved fur-child.

Hi Leslie - I know, isn't it great? And when "museum fatigue" sets in, we can just close our laptops 'till we're refreshed again.

Hi Bonnie - Is he just the most hysterical cat? He amazes me with his endless antics. Maybe I should put it on YouTube... I know there's a lot of cat-riding-Roomba vids on there.

Hi Kelley - Thank you. I'll be visiting Your Museum soon...