Monday, March 22, 2010

Just photos today (and Mojito baby pics!)

Here's the problem with a really nice (digital) camera: the instruction manual is a book. That's what happens when cameras are more like computers these days. And it's a book I never have time to read, not that it will make for pleasant reading in the first place. All the photos I've been taking lately of my artwork are coming out terrible, and it's surely because neither I nor The Husband (much as he would like to think so) really have a clue what we're doing with all the settings and such on the camera. My goal is now to try to find the time to learn enough from the manual to at least remove all current (mostly inadvertent) settings and get it back to tabula rasa.

So, in lieu of artwork today, I bring you some photos...

After nearly two feet of snow, the sun came out for two days and started meltin' with a mission. My friend Ann and I went for a hike...and our shoes will never be the same.

And now for something completely different (say in Monty Python voice): The Husband finally found our dog Mojito's baby pics! I've been wanting to have them for some time now. When I look at Mojito now, four years old, very noble-looking and almost wolf-like sometimes, it's hard to believe he was ever that little wooly bear cub. He came to us as one of our foster dogs (we used to foster rescued Goldens) at the tender age of about 3 months (with the name of Biscuit, ha ha) and the moment we saw him (he gave us a skeptical look, which he still sports frequently) there was no question we'd be keeping him. He came from a bad situation and still has a few phobias, but he's mostly just fine now.


Mojito's on the left here, supervising Jazz's ripping up of the dog bed:


And now, take a deep breath, and...

Prepare thyself for the killer cuteness!:

Didn't I warn you?

More art on my website:


Janelle Goodwin said...

You warned me, but I wasn't prepared for it. The cuteness bowled me over!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you warned us but it did no good.
I have fainted.

Anonymous said...

PS- back from the unconscious, I can also attest to " manual malevolence " as being a very real by product of high tech electronics.
I'm still on page 4 of my Canon G9 after a year.
And what about that nice tiny print?

SamArtDog said...

1) You already know about my problems with the camera/computer. My plea for help is probably what got you in this tutorial frame of mind. I've chosen to ignore the whole mess for now. Tra la.
2) Hey, the good thing about your trashed shoes is that now you've got "mud shoes". They'll be useful again for, oh, probably Thursday, when the NEXT 8 snowy inches (falling tonight and tomorrow) starts melting. I know, I know...
3) Puppies clearly have no ab- or ad-ductors, so they can lay flat as roadkill for naps.
4) Mo is still wicked cute and is also the most skeptical dog I've ever known.
5) Thanks for reminding folks to adopt-a-dog.
6) Word Verif -- schload. Amen.

Anonymous said...

That was one big puppy! And cute, of course.
Those sky studies in the last few posts are fantastic. I think you've been having major fun with color!

Marian Fortunati said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo cute, Jala!!

What a nice view into your world!!

And that sky study in the post before!! WOW... and those other cute dogs...
and who's that cute guy??? Is he the one who shares your distaste for reading directions??? (LOL)

I just bought a new printer that is supposed to be wireless... Despite my efforts to follow directions... I am currently using it attached with a USB as I haven't figure out why it gets and "error" with the wireless connection. Ah well... The more technology we have... ... sigh...

loriann said...

Love the photos Jala. And a much needed public service announcement. Thank you for saying can't be said enough.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Janelle, Loriann - Bowled over, and fainted! Wow! Who knew photos could have such an effect? ;)

Loriann - "Back from the unconscious"--hahahahaha!

Hi Sam - What a schload of snow this has been.

Hi Donald - He had a big round fluffy head. :)

Hi Marian - I hate how technology sucks so many hours out of our day. And I'm not just talking about spending too long surfing the web or looking at art blogs :D, I'm talking about all the time we spend trying to figure out what is wrong, why things are not working. Printers are truly amongst the most evil for this.
P.S. The cute guy is The Husband, looking particularly cute in that photo for some reason.

Hi Loriann - yeah, I may be boycotted for expressing such a strong opinion, but it must be said. !!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Killer cuteness indeed! love seeing him grow into such a cute adult dog!

Anonymous said...


That is one cute puppy/dog!!!! (The husband isn't bad either!) Please give Mojito a cookie and a stomach rub for me.

I came from a bad situation and still have a few phobias, but I'm mostly just fine now too. Maybe Mojito and I are related?

susan hong-sammons said...

how anyone could have ever hurt Mojito and not just give him their heart is beyond me. He's a blessing!