Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bosc is surely one of the more elegant pear varieties that I know, and I couldn't resist trying to paint one. (The computer/camera combo just isn't showing this off the way it should, unfortunately. The colors in life are richer and more varied.)

Why must we learn the same lessons over and over again? (When) will they ever stick? I was trying for straight realistic, and this pear wanted to be painted more stylized, more abstracted, just to show off its colors and perfect shape. It simply didn't care much about looking absolutely realistic. I fought for the longest time before I finally (once again) learned the lesson to let it be the way it wanted to be. I wasn't being very zen about it. But when I finally gave in and let go of the resistance, it emerged to shine in all its glory.

I was realizing lately that in spite of the bad paintings that still happen and still will happen, I have learned so very much since last summer when I decided to follow in the illustrious (sorry, bad pun) footsteps of all the wonderful Daily Painter bloggers. As my art teacher says, Hm, amazing how painting can teach you about painting.

I also wanted to say how great this art blogging experience has proved to be for me. I had been wary of adding yet one more thing to my to-do list every day, but the virtual art community I have found is so welcoming, receptive, and encouraging. It's the next best thing to all of us sharing one big studio (and while fun, that would get really messy...). The other day I was thinking, Geez, what are we, just a bunch of cheerleaders for each other?  Yeah, well, what's wrong with that? Rah rah rah, people!

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Loriann Signori said...

It's interesting to me how delicate your paint and color use is in this one. I can see the canvas/ linen right through the paint. And the colors are so quiet. It's a nice contrast to the very straight, upright, centered "look at me" pear.
As to the blogging community, I agree with you, it is so nice to have so many ideas coming together. It's a supportive, warm environment. It's OK to be each others cheerleaders, in fact it's great.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Yes, we are a bunch of cheerleaders for each other and it's great. That isn't always the case I the real world where some artists are reluctant to share. Notice how every art book has the word 'secrets' in it's title? As you point out here. The 'secret' is practice practice practice. And, yes, we all still get bad ones. It's part of learning.
Beautiful work here, Jala.

Laurel Daniel said...

I so agree with you - the encouragement and comraderie are great. Go, Jala, go! You have a great crowd of witnesses cheering you on!!

Kathleen said...

I laughed when I read "and this pear wanted to be"... they do have strong personalities dont they?
love the palette you used!