Monday, December 17, 2012

Like a chicken with its head cut off

Whew, my life is crazy lately. (Hence the blog post title.) I'm driving around like crazy, legal appointments, picking up low-cost prescriptions, blood test appointments at the low-cost clinic (no results yet), doing a tutoring job here, an interpreting gig there, teaching a class somewhere else, back and forth between Boulder and Longmont... And just had a job interview for more part-time teaching, to start in mid-January. Although the pay is not great, and the commute's kind of going to suck, at least it's something. (Don't you just love it when the miles you put on your car, plus the gas in a sucky commute, nearly cancel out your wages?)

I spent several hours a couple of weeks ago applying (online) to a job that would've been a lot better, and more work, and benefits--and heard nothing. When I inquired, they said they'd filled the position a month earlier, and just never bothered to remove the ad. Gee, thanks, people.

Driving so much makes me really weary. I think it's because I'm simultaneously really bored and hyperalert, and that combination sucks all my energy out. Plus the noise. And having lived in this area for over 20 years, I can tell you that the traffic is insane nowadays. What used to take 15 minutes (e.g., central Boulder to downtown Longmont) now takes 45.


But please enjoy the photos of my darlings.

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ELFI said...

ne pas croiser les bras.. courage, moi aussi je suis dans une période harassante.. biz

Shelley Smart said...

Oh, when I lived in Boulder in those longed-for old days of the mid 1990s, I worked in Longmont. And it is hard to imagine that it takes 45 minutes to get there now. That is some traffic! Then I had to drive to Broomfield and that was a pill. I feel your pain! I liked summers when CU was out. Just saying.

Your kitties are adorable. My cats never liked each other all that much. Civil, but aloof.

I once applied for a job -- well, several jobs -- in Tennessee after being unceremoniously "laid off" due to my employer's financial difficulties. The worst experience was applying for a job as an editor instead of my usual graphic design jobs in an effort to widen my skill set. They liked me a lot, wanted to hire me, then asked, just for fun, to see my portfolio which I had not shown them. After looking at it, told me I was too good a designer so they were going to hire someone else. Huh? Sigh.

I should never have left Boulder, traffic or no.