Friday, April 2, 2010

Sky study 14

...And some are ponderous.


Just a couple of the reasons we love cats: their grace (this is couch ballet) and the reminder that it's occasionally okay to just lay down in the middle of the day. ("Occasionally" applies to us. For them, "always" is more apt.)

Yesterday was such a blustery kind of spring day. Within an hour, I was rained on, snowed on, hailed on, sleeted on, and wind-ed at.

On my way to work: looking east on Iris and 28th at 5pm. (iPhone photo from my car)

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JJ Jacobs said...

Love your work, Jala -- I'm very drawn to your color choices and minimalist style.

SamArtDog said...

This is a good'un! These clouds must be the ones from yesterday that didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so they threw a bolt from the blue and a thunder-tanty. Must be summer? Heh.

Caroline said...

Is that brown back ground colour the colour the paper is Jala? Lovely sky study.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi JJ -(I'm also a J.J.) Thanks very much!

Sam - Gracias. These were actually done a couple of days before those giant freaky stormclouds descended upon us.

Hi Caroline - Actually, funny you should ask--the paper was that color, and I liked it, but didn't want it to look unfinished, so I chose a pastel the same color as that paper for the background.

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Hi Jala,
I really do like your sky studies!I'm always curious to find out, what the next variation will look like.
It's funny to see, that we're oceans apart, but that the weather today was just the same.

Jala Pfaff said...

Astrid, thank you. Though mine may not look like yours, I take my pastel-skies inspiration from you.
That was some weather, wasn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Scary skies a la Kansas in Toto's eyes.
The capriciousness of spring.
I'd like to correct a statement made here about cats- just so they don't get misrepresented.
They don't occasionally lay down in the middle of the day. They actually occasionally are AWAKE in the middle of the day.
But I sure use them too as a reminder and would love to study with Rumi.
Hey, we could have an entire country following his lead and it shall be forever known as " Rumi-nation."
Marvelous cloud study-

suzanneberry said...

I am so moved by the complex simplicity of your work. This is simply perfect! Amazing shot of the weathered sky.

Double "D" said...

Hi Jala,

Everything that you create is very moving and expressive. Now you've given sky a whole new meaning. Just great.