Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sky study 2 (oil)

Rumi, I suppose because he's deaf, is obsessed (even more than other cats I've known) by visual minutiae. After we take our showers, he always goes into the shower stall and watches water drops slide down the tiles. Drop after drop after drop. As long as it takes.

Today he really surprised me--came right in while I was showering. And stayed in there quite a lot longer than I thought any cat would. I had to be careful not to trip over this little white raggedy damp critter dashing around my ankles while I finished rinsing my hair.

Here he is afterwards:

The Husband decides to make a little vid of Rumi playing with a pencil:

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Anonymous said...

Rumi must have decided he needed a bath! I never heard of a cat that liked water.
This painting has power in it... to me it looks like a building storm cloud seen from above, with a splash of sunlight on the cloudtop and green fields welcoming the rain below.

SamArtDog said...

Good reflective light (in light of getting it out there). ; ] Call it Sturm Und Drang. Rumi looks like he's been out in it.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Donald - Actually, there are cats that like water and getting wet (even more than Rumi)--there's just very few of them. :)

I like your interpretation.

Thanks, Sam - you know how hard it is to get it out there sometimes.