Thursday, April 22, 2010

Untitled 50

Is this a sky painting informed by previous abstracts, or a new abstract informed by previous sky paintings? (Chicken or the egg...?)

I was unable to get this color to reproduce well. It's a periwinkle kind of blue in person (has a bit more lavender in it), and the middle value is a more clear sea-blue-greenish color.

It's been an eventful couple of days. First of all, we're in the midst of a major deluge--it's been raining for two days almost nonstop, with more predicted. Secondly, the college where I teach had a bomb threat tonight while I was teaching. We all had to evacuate...before I could even give 'em their homework!

Cleo (our cat who gets the least screen know how difficult it is to get a good picture of a black cat) is happy it's spring. (These daffodils have been plastered down by the rain since this was taken a few days ago.)

And shh...don't tell anyone, but Cleo and Bonnie's handsome orange boy Chili Pepper have taken up a romantic email correspondence.

Road cut in Munnar. Looks like a great abstract painting to me.

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Kaylyn said...

I really like this one. So simple and as you say the real/abstract boundary is ambiguous. But I see the cloud first...

I have a black cat. They absorb all light and look light holes in photos!!

jane minter said...

striking jala black one too .

Caroline said...

Beautiful painting, the simplicity of an abstract is very special. Lovely colour combination.

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Mmmh, like this one, too.Very simple, but also very strong.

SamArtDog said...

I got my computer back. Yay! Wait... when did I become so attached to it? Is this a good thing? I think it's kind of appalling.

Don't worry; your pastel reproduced the periwinkle and sea-blue-green perfectly. Very handsome!

Cleo and Chili? Polish your lenses for the Halloween photo op.

Sophie Munns said...

What an amazing image... fabulous colour dialogue in that sky and so evocative!

brian eppley said...

Hey Jala, I really like this piece. Wonderful manipulation of space and volume.

bonnieluria said...

Jala, ( and are you now an in-law, considering Cleo & Chili and all ?)

Great piece-this sliver lining. Ethereal and I see the greenish cast that you think didn't come across.

I can look at this entire series again and again. As real clouds lure us, so do these.

Wink from Chili.

loriann said...

LOVE that tiny strip of pink at the edge. yumm.
PS I have a serious weakness for black cats. I always need to have at least one with me. They are so smart and I admire that they look gorgeous, yet escape photos. Just can't get all that beauty trapped.

RT said...

Yes, that`s a beauty!