Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tagged twice

Tagged by Kelley MacDonald for a Fabulous Blog Award--thank you, Kelley! And tagged by Cathyann Burgess for a Passion For Painting Award--thank you, Cathyann!

Great things about the tagging meme are: you get to know your fellow artist buddies better; you often get to laugh; more people visit your site and you also go visit other new great sites.

Some more things about me (I'm going to sort of blend the rules of the two different tag awards):

1. (This doesn't really count, but...artistic license...) at the moment I'm writing this, we're in the midst of a blizzard. We've gotten over a foot of snow today and it's still coming. I turned the heat on in the studio and hope to be able to work by tonight.

2. Some things I love: curled-up cats (Random and Jellyroll are snoozing on me as I write this; what better way to spend a blizzardy day, if one is so fortunate as to be a cat?); Brie cheese (though I try to indulge only rarely); quietude; linen (to wear and to paint on) flowers; hot chocolate; all animals (but NOT insects or arachnids!); the smell of evergreen trees on a Colorado summer evening; home-grown tomatoes.

3. When I see a box of perfect new pastels, my urge is to either weep from the beauty and/or eat them. They just look so yummy. Oil paint fresh out of the tube, ditto. (Don't worry, I don't actually eat them.)

4. I like certain veggies (peas and carrots) raw, but not cooked.

5. I have lately been obsessed by The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan). Been getting the DVDs from the library.

6. I love people who have a great, uninhibited laugh.

7. If there's anything in life cuter than a curled-up, purring, sleeping and/or snoring kitten, then I don't know what it is.

8. My favorite part of a cat is that little area right where the smooth hairs on top of the nose going one direction meet the forehead hairs going in the opposite direction, and there's a little sort of velcro-y feeling there that I can't resist playing with. Okay, my other favorite part is their little knowing smile on the side of their cheeks.

This has been a rather feline-centric post, perhaps due to the influence of the two of them all over me while I write it.

Here are some artist bloggers I'm tagging:

Donald Diddams (digital art)

(If you're tagged and would like to participate, then create a post where you link to the person who tagged you, then tell some things about yourself, then tag some other art bloggers and include their links.)

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Loriann Signori said...

Jala, I loved reading all your new interesting facts...especially all the cat ones. I love your cat's names- especially, cute is that???

L.Holm said...

Excellent post! puuurfect, indeed! Can't imagine a better way to spend a snowy day. Congrats. on your blog awards. Well-deserved. Thanks for visiting my blog, and would love to trade links. Great idea!

r garriott said...

Love your list!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Loriann, Liz, R - thanks. Jellyroll is sprawled on me again as I write this. He's a total sprawler. He's also the one I talked about that the deer were licking, many posts ago. :)

Cathyann said...

Love numbers 3 and 6 but they are all fun to read. I like the velcro part of the cat too.:-))

Jala Pfaff said...

Cathyann, thanks. I forgot to mention that their incredibly cute feet are one of my other favorite parts of a cat.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love your list, and I also love kitty chins!