Monday, March 16, 2009


Continuing the exotic-vegetables theme, I present to you the chayote. Yet another one that The Husband likes, but I don't.  Poor maligned chayote--part smile, part baby's bottom, part dugong, it is indeed a strange-looking beast.

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artbyakiko said...

Your paintings are so beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Laurel Daniel said...

You definitely got the chubby baby bottom look to this item. I love the soft curves. said...

Ugly vegetable but the painting looks nice. Can I just have an apple?


I have seen some of your paintings. I would like to see more from you.
I am painter myself and I also review the paintings of my friends.

Naval Langa

An Interesting Blog

brian eppley said...

You've killed the beast! Great confident strokes on this one. Like the directional brushwork.

ps. I now keep my dictionary handy so I know what on earth your painting.

Karen said...

Jala this has such a personality. It makes me laugh. I also really like your composition here, how it's moved over to the side.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Funny looking food, no? You did a great job with those lucious folds - I can't imagine tackling this! Jala, since I love your blog, I'm 'tagging' you for a Fabulous Blog Award. Do with it what you will - no pressure, but it will drive traffic to your blog!

r garriott said...

I'm waiting for the day that The Husband brings home some Tomatillos, still in their papery, chinese-lantern skins... I can already imagine the marvelous painting it will be
(and if he needs a recipe, I've got one around here somewhere).

Quite a face on the chayote; looks a bit put out to sit for a portrait, then be eaten. It's marvelous.

Jala Pfaff said...

Akiko - Thanks for visiting! I look forward to more of your cat paintings.

Laurel - I know, doesn't it just look like baby thighs from the back?

Bill - Ugly indeed. You know, I don't think I've done just a plain ol' apple.

Karen - Thanks. It keeps making me laugh too. I don't know why I did this composition. When I sketched it out, it just looked right.

Kelley - Thank you so much, what a lovely compliment.

R - Yeah, I don't think this chayote was super happy to sit for a portrait. It looks kind of grumpy, doesn't it? Yes, I definitely have to do some tomatillos one of these days! I have an awesome salsa recipe for them afterwards, too. :)

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Jala...your post is quite's called "chuchu" in Brazil. Your composition is excellent, I love visiting your blog. It's a feast for the eyes.