Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cherimoya and Lemonade Award

Thank you so much, Liz Holm, for this Lemonade Award (for "attitude and gratitude"). I'm tagged out right now, but I still post it proudly here. Check out Liz's work; she's been doing some nice portraits. I think the one of her mother is particularly moving.

About this painting: The cherimoya is such a strange creature. Almost reptilian. Very tasty, though. I liked how there's no sense of scale at all; it could be a fruit or a mountain.

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Anonymous said...

Sheeeesh Jala. For a recent comer to the blog world you are cleaning up so many well deserved awards. I knew you when........

How you found a cherimoya in Colorado is confounding to me. You're right about the appearance but I can say it is one of my favorite fruits. October November finds them in season here.

Not an easy subject to take on in it's many planed surfaces but you rocked it again. I really like those hits of reflected shadow on the lower left side.

Laurel Daniel said...

Fabulous interesting form... and so good to know that they're tasty!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Bonnie,

The Husband brings home these tropical fruits that have been trucked, shipped, flown to Colorado at great expense and great detriment to the freshness of said fruits. He'll present them to me and I'm like, oh my god, how much did THAT cost?!, and he's like, I donno, a dollar? and then he gets out the receipt and he paid SIX DOLLARS for a bruised, overripe cherimoya. Sigh.

Hi Laurel, thanks! Have you never eaten one?

r garriott said...

I see them in the store on rare occasion...what does it taste like?