Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art show

I found out a few days ago that these three pieces (out of six submitted) were juried into the upcoming Boulder Art Association show. (I think the other three were just as nice, if I do say so.) I currently also have a solo exhibition up in pastels at the Solstice Center (here in Boulder, CO).

I'd been away in Mexico and got the snail-mail news about these 3 pieces getting in to the show only upon returning, and I was like, Cool!  Then about three seconds later I thought, Oh, right, uh, shit, they have to get framed. Of course, it was then the holidays, and everything was shut down or on half-day hours, etc.... which meant I had to go in to the framer yesterday and beg sheepishly, because these suckers have to be hung this Mon.a.m. (Yes, I will have to get up at some ungodly [for me] hour to schlep my artworks to the library, site of the exhibition.)  Anyway, it's all good (I hate that expression. It is NOT all good. Getting up early, for example, is bad).

Feeling rather under the weather (another weird expression) today, so am not painting. Rather, contenting myself with salivating over other people's art online, in mags, etc.

The two sunflowers are oils: one 6" x 6", the other 5" x 7".  The pastel is 6" x 9" (not including the mat). 
More art on my website: For purchase info about these three pieces, please email me.


Anonymous said...

Jala- happy new year and it's off to a bright start for you.
I love these paintings - especially the middle one.
Your use of darks and lights is really masterful.

Hope you're feeling better and keeping warm.
And that your lovely works go home with some appreciative buyer.

Karen said...

These are beautiful, and, congratulations! That is awesome about the show. I'm really liking your edges in the oil pieces, something I always struggle with...the right softness vs sharpness.


Loriann Signori said...

Three BEAUTIFUL pieces. They definitely should have taken all six. Hope you feel better soon.

Casey Klahn said...

OOOoooh. Very nice works.

For my sake, add the label Pastel and Oil to your posts, please. That way I can ooogle the pastel posts at will.

Congrats on the show, and take care.

Samartdog said...

***Good MORNing!!!***

(Say it all sing-songy and mean it, Miss BushyTail...)

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, guys! You're (all) the greatest. :)

Casey--thanks for reminding me about the labels; sometimes I forget that part. I've done it now...did I forget some others in previous posts? I think I got them all... And I like your word "ooogle."

Jala Pfaff said...

Bonnie, thanks for noticing darks/lights. My current art teacher (alla prima portrait) said most students are afraid of two things: dark darks, and big brushes. I try not to be afraid of either. :)

Edward Burton said...

Hi Jala, congratulations on having these 3 beautiful pieces juried in the Boulder show! I really love the bottom sunflower - the colors and the brushwork on the petals is great.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thank you, Edward! That one's my favorite of the sunflower paintings as well.