Saturday, August 15, 2015

Still here

A rare snuggle between Gadjo and Fennec.

Not to worry, we're all still alive.  Just having never-ending technological problems here, involving transferring things to a different computer, and also to a new external hard drive, and some things (like most of my photos) won't transfer at all and I don't know why, and the fact that I can no longer use my photo editing software on the new computer... still haven't figured out a work-around yet for several issues.

In the meantime, the software used to build my website was discontinued, and it took forever to figure out what was going on. It would've been nice to have been informed that my website was going to die, and why. I've done a basic website rebuild with a different free program. I don't like it aesthetically or functionally as much as the last one, but at least I have a website again.

More art on my website:


Maggie Latham said...

Jala, it’s been such a long time since I really visited your blog and caught up with what is going on in your life. I remember that you were going through a split up with your hubby…. This is such a sweet photo of your kitties. Hope your technical problems get sorted out and that you have been creating lots of art in my absence from your blog.

Viviane said...

Awww - that's sweetness right there. :-)

Pam Holnback said...

Love the miniatures!