Friday, January 8, 2010

Watering can

Begun as simply an abstract, but ended up looking to me like a little tin watering can.
(The center shape looks kind of white here on screen; in reality it is the same hue as its surroundings, just a lighter value thereof.)

Rumi is really too cute. He always has this sort of impish look. His eyes have still not fully normalized, by the way.

I continue to recover from my cold and my back injury. I have had very low energy but am going to try to get into the studio tonight, if only briefly.

...And a few pics from India. Here I am leaving the lovely public bathroom in Munnar. Of course I'd rather avoid these sort of...fragrant...places, but there really is usually no alternative. (And men simply urinate on the street wherever and whenever they feel like it.) When I've asked Indian women I know for advice, they all say the same thing: Just don't go. Now, that's excellent advice in theory...but how does one follow it in practice? Indian women must be born with iron bladders.

(By the way, notice Che Guevara there. Che is everywhere.)

Restless sky near Munnar (the area that Scots historically found to their liking in India).

A couple of hardworking ladies (near Munnar).

A colorful temple (near Munnar). To me, this already looks like a pastel!

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Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Dear Jala, I am so sorry to read of your illness, and of hurting your back, so very sorry. I hope things greatly improve for you, soon. I've missed viewing your blog, the past two months have been a blur for me, but despite the injury and illness I am so glad you were able to go overseas. Your photos are amazing. They are an artist's dream come true! Lastly but not least, I continue to enjoy your work and your creative process. I hope to have more time to peruse. Again, my very best for improvement in your heatlh. Tina

Anonymous said...

hey Jala, i can see the Scots left their mark on Munnar: we've got public toilets that look the same here and people doing strange things especially after a few drinks:)))

Anonymous said...

One of the many benefits of travel outside of the US ( airplane travel aside ) is the appreciation of public restrooms. Probably a bigger concern for women everywhere than for men.
A parlor palm behind a drape could work for them.

So I'll not ask what bodily function the fellow in the top photo is performing.

And then there's Rumi. Oh but isn't he filling out and on his way to being a match for Lynx. Where is my Lynx?

I hope you're feeling better so that you can post the blue door pastel.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Jala. Even though I know it must have been miserable, I couldn't help but laugh at your description of the trip - and the thoughtful doctor asking what you were going to do about your back. Wasn't that the question you were asking him?
In spite of the ugly toilet I could smell just from the photo, your pictures show the real beauty of the country and its people. Thanks!

SamArtDog said...

this doesn't look like a watering can to me, but it is a nice little abstract.

bet the ugly toilet didn't stink near as bad as jazzy's load. x0[

hurry up and get better; your dawgs are barking. btw, garrett and peggy hit it off.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Hmmm... bathroom issues would have made me CRAZY! Hello... "Depends"?
Rest. Enjoy being home. We're glad you're safely home!