Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January sun

That weak, hazy light of the winter sun trying to burn through the fog. Observed it like that, mused about it for a day, then tried to recreate it in pastel.

That's from a few days ago, when I managed to get into the studio. I am still sick. I think it's flu, not a cold, due to the fact that a fever now accompanies it. The Husband has it too. We're both shuffling around the house exhausted, dizzy, and coughing. Fun. I don't even care about any more sympathy (yeah, sure), I'm just so tiiiired of this and want to feel normal again and be in the studio.

Some more pics from India, and then a little vid of Lynx below. Bonnie, your request was heard--to know what Lynxie's been up to. Now I have a request of my own: I must see a Cloud video!

Lynx in a vid here going a little nuts over a cat toy that's just a long strip of fuzzy stuff, which I call a "squirrel tail" (there's also a peacock feather there). What cracks me up is when Cleo (black cat) sashays over to investigate. Lynx is so deferential. This is because he got beat up repeatedly by her when he was little, until it finally got into his silly stripe-y head that she rules. Look closely--just in case he had any second thoughts, she actually waits a moment to see she has his attention, and then whacks him in the face with the end of her tail. A cool customer, she is.

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loriann said...

Jala, You nailed the feel of the sun trying to burn through, glowing.
Love your photos of India and movie of your fur baby.
Hope you feel better soon.

LSaeta said...

Love the sun pastel! Beautiful!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I continue to enjoy your blog for all the beauty and goodness it holds.

Double "D" said...

Wonderful blog.
Great photography and beautiful paintings.
I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

These last two pastels are really wonderful -- and the pictures of India are stunning. Not only the light, but the dominant palette is so different in different parts of the world. However uncomforable it may have been at times, being immersed in that other landscape will surely enrich your work -- and I think we are seing that already!

Karen said...

I think this piece is really stunning. It glows, and seems to emanate, or maybe its radiate, this glow.

Reading through the trip...glad you endured the tortuous time in transit and are back safe. Thanks for posting the wonderful photos!

Jala Pfaff said...

Loriann, thank you! A kiss from the fur babies.

Hi Leslie, sorry long time no comments!

Hi Tina, that is so sweet. Thank you so much.

Hi DD - Thanks, that's great. Apparently we have a lot of other "bloggers in common."

Hi Donald - It tickles me to no end that a fellow artist sees the photos not only in terms of their subject matter but also analyzes (consciously or not) what he sees in terms of color and light.

Hi Karen, thank you! That's really pretty much what the sun looked like. The trick was thinking about how to represent it. The key, I think, is definitely that for something to appear to glow, it has to be lighter in value than everything else, but not white.

L.Holm said...

You could name it flu mist?? Hope you two feel better soon.
Adore the India portraits, and the wheel themes. you have such a unique eye.
The video is so fun. That Cleo is a minx! Poor Lynx--although he doesn't seem too perturbed.
rest up xxL

Brian McGurgan said...

Gorgeous color in this pastel, Jala, and great photos from your trip. Hope you're feeling better!