Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Delhi

Experimenting with a very different palette to suit the mood.

I'm still feeling pretty lousy, but have made it for some limited time into the studio! It's so great to be back in there, surrounded by all the colors of pastels and the smell of linseed oil.

How to ooze. Step 1: Prepare.

Step 2: Let it all hang out.

Tea plantation worker (near Munnar).

Temple offerings.

A former temple decoration or offering, now left to gently and ineluctably become part of the roadside trash.

Tea pickers in the near-perpetual Munnar mist.

A mahout with his magnificent charge.

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Gwen Bell said...

Love it! The light area read a very pale lavender on my monitor. Gorgeous next to the dark blue. The yellow circle pulls it all together beautifully!

Irina said...

How could I miss your blog? Thank you for the comment in my blog. I came here to say hi and I am here already an hour. Your paintings are so talented, your photos are so interesting. 18 months ago I started with the abstracts, then decided I need to learn painting first. And only here I realise how I miss my first experiments, thank you Jala!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Gwen, thanks! Sounds like the lavender color is coming through correctly, and the dark and medium gray (in reality) is coming through too blue?...Who knows. I know everything looks different on every monitor. But thanks. :) I had actually finished it without the yellow circle, and left it a couple of days, and then came back to it because even though I liked it, it felt like it was just missing something. So I risked it--and was glad I did.

Hi Irina - Thank you so much. It's interesting what you say about your own art interests, because I have always been attracted most to abstracts, but I did decide to go to an art atelier for two years to learn the nuts & bolts of drawing and a little painting (oil realism). I'm glad I did, but my primary love I feel will always be abstracts. I couldn't decide for a while what to paint, since I liked pretty much every style and whatnot...but finally I asked myself, if I only had 5 more years to paint, which style would I pursue? and my answer is immediately "abstract."

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

I like the smell of linseed oil too!

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful art, interesting photos of India and then there is Rumi ..... what a character!