Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yellow pear 5

Last night's painting. I started out with two pears next to each other, but after an hour or so finally conceded that the second one just wasn't working, obliterated it (which felt good, I have to admit) and concentrated on the one that was.

A classic shot of Rumi. He actually looks like a real kitten here!

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susan hong-sammons said...

love the moody quality of your pear painting. What were you feeling as you created this?

p.s. my daughter and I enjoy your kitty photos. We have a very naughty white kitten similar to yours. Don't you just love their sweet pink nose?!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Susan, I was trying to think "classic" when I painted it. I think you're right, it turned into "moody"! I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I do love the little pink nose! Ours is quite the imp too.

loriann said...

Jala, Your choice of color is classic, golden. The mood comes from the beautiful color harmony you created.
Cute kitten too.