Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rumi-only post

I've known cats all my life. I've known shy ones and bold ones, sweet ones and grumpy ones. But I have never, ever met any cat like Rumi.

Rumi is weird. I mean, really weird. Really, really weird. (In an extremely endearing way.) He rarely acts or even looks like a cat. He has a very strange little horse-trot when he comes running toward you. He strikes us as seeming more like (at various times) in looks and behavior: a ferret, a monkey, a frog, a dog, a lizard, a bat, a rat...

He's not "cute" (I can say that, he's my kid :D)--not in the way that poster-kitten Lynx is. Rumi is not very photogenic, and in fact is downright funny-looking, poor little guy, with his ridiculously long skinny legs and tail, his big pink unhearing ears, his thin fur, his often watering eyes and squinty little left eye, his small pinched face and concerned expression. But what he is, is hilarious. Weirdly hilarious, and hilariously weird.

When something first catches his attention, he'll make a really funny and loud noise (something like "Brrrrrrrmp!" and then he'll point and hold one foot like a hunting dog that's spotted its prey:

He sleeps in even stranger positions than Lynx. This is his photo advertisement for his upcoming seminar, Yoga with Rumi:

Often his mouth is slightly open as he naps, offering an excellent view of his bizarro dentition. I've hypothesized that he may in fact be an infant chupacabra:

He's got these strange little human-like teeth along the top, and his fangs already protrude though he's still awfully young to normally see that (perfect for Halloween, too):

Anyway, we love him. Regardless of what kind of creature he really is. (His cat masquerade is slipping, I think.)


ACUA said...

Hola Jala,

ahora estoy en duda si es un gato :)
realmente has contado cosas raras sobre el y sus dientes llaman la atención, pero igual se nota que lo quieres.
Yo igual me siento mas amigo de Lynx :)

SamArtDog said...

I was doing okay until I got to the strange little human teeth.

I know you're feeding Lynx giant mice. I guess I don't want to know what you're feeding the whatever-he-is.

SamArtDog said...

Btw, you ever seen "The Island Of Dr. Moreau"?

loriann said...

Jala- I LOVE your description of Rumi....a much loved cat. Look at those cute teeth. What a write you are!! You make me want to love him too!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hola ACUA - Gracias por tu visita. Esta' bien si eres ma's aficionado a Lynx. No se lo dire' a Rumi, ?vale? :)

Hi Sam - We're feeding Rumi the dead bodies of artist neighbors, so beware! No, I haven't seen that movie, why?

Loriann - Thanks. He needs love, so that's good, you can love him too. Whatever he may be. :)

bonnieluria said...

I drank long and full on this post, your funny and apt descriptions, and the photos.
Actually the very first one is like an official portrait photo.
And the last photo rivals Clouds same region of nose, snoot, fang.

I'm charmed, besotted. said...

fabulous photo standing in the light

Melinda said...

Oh, this is a wonderful Rumi! Your kitty reminds me of an all white, deaf cat that I once rescued. He could fetch with a small ball and he knew several "words" in sign language. However, he developed a habit of yowling so intensely that the neighbors 200 feet away could hear him---from inside their houses!

What a special creature. I know little Rumi will bring you many happy moments.

I found this Rumi quote that made me think of your dear kitty:
“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You're right - that's no cat! Those are BABY's teeth! I think he's adorable anyway - and love the yoga poses. But please don't forget about Lynx's fan club....