Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leaf 5 / What to do with all the snow

What to do with all this snow?!

You could...

Paint a leaf:

Run through it:

Stay indoors and catch up on your blogging:

Oh, and you can also eat it, roll in it, and/or wrestle in it:


Anonymous said...

Now this is how to say " in your hat, snowstorm"!
A perfectly lovely leaf painting, from memory no doubt 'cause when is the last time you didn't see white?
That Rumi at the computer!! I don't even care if you placed him there for a photo op. It so works for me- I laughed, loving it.

And those yumcious pooches in the snow, I mean, come on, your life is a winter postcard.

Love your art, your words, and your animals.

Candace X. Moore said...

Jala, Cute videos. Do dogs not feel cold feet? I know you're not crazy about snow, but I envy you in Colorado for the variety of weather you get. Same old thing, day in and day out, here in San Diego. I always get a little excited when there's a chance of rain (it never does, though).

loriann said...

That solo leave is a beautiful simple statement. I can't imagine all that snow...already!

Anonymous said...

you are funny Jala:)) and good on you rescuing that leaf and making such an atmospheric piece. r.

LSaeta said...

Wow ... snow ... I can't imagine. I have missed you and I love your leaf painting.

Anonymous said...

Those dogs know what to do with the snow!! Sweet little painting, as is the hot pepper just before!

Heather Gray said...

These are so great. My two goldens do the same thing in the snow. The Pompoms freak them out as well.

Lovely painting and blog. :) H said...

Love the leaf!!!!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Bonnie - Actually, the leaf is one I picked up before the snowstorm. All my still lifes are only done from life, whereas my abstracts are mostly from the imagination.
One of Rumi's most distinctive habits is his desire to sit on our laptops and study the movements of the cursor from about an inch away. We've actually had to change all our habits since getting Rumi, e.g., not walking away from the laptop for a moment while it's open, because he'll sit on the keyboard instantly.

Hi Candace - I wish we could trade weather with you sometimes!

Hi Loriann - Thanks. A big snow this time of year is normal here. The good thing is, the sun comes back out and melts it. Another day or two now and it'll be gone. 'Till the next big snow.

Rahina - Hi, thanks. Funny you intuited that the leaf was indeed "rescued."

Hi Leslie - Thanks. I've been quite neglectful lately of blog visiting. Sigh...too much to do.

Hi Donald - Thanks. Yep, these are some snow-lovin' pups.

Hi Heather - Thanks for your visit. Glad you liked the leaf. Are your Goldens redheads or blondies?

Bill - Thank you!

Jala Pfaff said...

Candace - P.S. No, dogs don't seem to feel cold in their feet the way we do. I think their skin is a lot thicker there.