Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Untitled 44

Whew... catching up on sleep, laundry, grocery shopping, and re-bonding with all the animolecules.

Can't wait to paint again. I found I was missing color--the ability to use it, I mean--so much while traveling. We're probably going to India for three weeks in December, and I'll have to figure out something to use for art while there. Oil is too impractical to carry around and travel with, pastels seem even more so (especially as regards how to keep the finished drawings/paintings from smudging as you travel around with them). Maybe I'll just bring some watercolor and paper and decide to see it as a self-teaching experience...

Here's a small pastel from a few weeks ago.

And of course your daily dosage of Lynxmuffin, who has grown enormously while we've been gone. He is going to be a very big boy, I think.

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LSaeta said...

Welcome home. Now ... will you please paint Lynxmuffin!

Cathyann said...

Welcome back, Jala. I second the motion.

Brian McGurgan said...

Welcome back, Jala - I enjoyed reading about your trip. Regrettably, I showed your blog to my wife so she could see Lynx and now she's begging for a kitten. I keep telling her that the two cats we have were once that cute, and still are if you catch them at the right moment... She's not buying it.

On our recent trip, I managed ok with a small box of Conté crayons, pastel pencils, and a small pad of Sennelier l’Esprit du Pastel paper (which comes with glassine inserts between the pages). I also brought the travel size container of Spectrafix. This all worked fairly well, although I had less time to draw then I had expected. I had debated bringing my set of watercolor pans and a small block of paper and on some future trip will probably do that. These days, though, I enjoy working in pastel more which is why I didn't do watercolors during our trip last month.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blues... As for the cat, he'll be a pretty big boy! Very pretty.

L.Holm said...

Seriously, Jala, you could market those shots of Lynx, too. One of the most adorable kittens ever, and your shots are phenomenal.
welcome home!

Anonymous said...

If Lynx was my kitty, I'd be looking for ways to get HIM in a travel bag nevermind the colored paints.

He might be the most photogenic kitty ever.

Welcome back home- what will have inspired you the most??? Eager to see your next painting.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Leslie - I only paint from life or imagination... Lynx would never hold still long enough. So someone else can paint him, if they want to. I'll just keep photographing him. :)

Cathyann - Go for it. :)

Brian M - Ha ha, you cracked me up!! :D (Oh, and also, thanks for the ideas as to what supplies to bring next time...) It's true, there's nothing as cute as a kitten. Remind your wife, though, that they're only that small for about a week. :D

Donald - Thanks. Blue like Lynx's eyes.

Thanks, Liz! Anyone wants to buy my Lynx photos, sure, I'll sell. :)

Bonnie - We seriously considered smuggling him to London. If he weren't so nervous about new situations, he could've been our Travelin' Kitty. I swear also he's the most photogenic kitty I've ever seen. He looks cute ALL THE TIME. Seriously. The cuteness is KILLING me.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am still besotted with my Wendell and he is 13. I'm a fool for cats.
Jala, I love that pastel. SO fresh and beautiful.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Mary. It was so tempting to do more to the pastel, but more would've been too much. I had to strap my hands down to not touch it again.

I think I'll be in love with Lynx forever too.