Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lynx-only post

Just had to share this with you Lynx-lovers. (Regular art programming will resume very shortly, not to worry.)

He was perched on the very edge of the couch and started falling asleep... Yes, he did eventually topple off backwards, after a lot of weaving and nodding. (He was just fine.)

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bonnieluria said...

Really, I can't bear it.
You're a better woman than I.
If he was my kitty, I'd be living amidst dust balls, moldy food in the fridge and taking no calls.
And painting even less than I am now.

But you manage to do other things.

Seriously, he should be the poster kitty for every animal shelter adoption program.

Fernando Pena said...

Jala, gracias por compartir estas fotos de Lynx, realmente se merece un post aparte, se ha transformado en un clásico junto con tu arte

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Bonnie! How do you know whether my house is or isn't currently full of dustballs, hairballs, moldy food, and unanswered calls? :) I keep referring to him as "poster child" too.

Fernando - De nada. Me alegro de que vayas gozando de sus fotos. ?Crees que necesite su propio blog, o puede seguir compartiendo el mio?

Fernando Pena said...

No creo que un blog propio, para mi es un atractivo adicional que además de poder disfrutar de tu obra siempre encuentre alguna nueva pose de Lynx o los videos que tanto disfruté.

Fernando Pena said...

Pensándolo mejor, puede ser que merezca su propio blog, si estás dispuesta a poner filmaciones también :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

He. Is. The. Cutest! Yeah, I'm with Bonnie. I would only be able to stare into those hypnotic eyes - forget everything else!