Friday, July 10, 2009

Yoga and Clematis

Cheese Monster demonstrates the less-well-known yoga pose Down Kitten.

Plucked this clematis flower from the bush in our yard to paint it, and didn't expect it to last an hour in a vase, it looked so fragile and delicate. It's now on its third day in the vase...someone from the cut-flower industry ought to take note!

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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Jala, both of these pieces are really nice for very different reasons...
You captured the fun nature of the kitten and the fragile nature of the flower... bravo!!

Ann Reyes said...

Jala, this is a wonderful painting! I love the colors and the way you painted the glass. I've added you to my blog list. (I also love your Lynx kitty pictures!)

Anonymous said...

clematis painted from some deeper part of yourself... or so it seems to me, stunning painting Jala.

Gwen Bell said...

Love this rich purple flower with it's delicate stem. The lost edge of the vase, the light mauve areas of color in the glass, the subtle blues in the water, those great touches of highlight and that wonderfully fluid Indigo shadow all make this piece work so beautifully. Great work!

Lynx Muffin is growing bigger and bolder in every photo. He's adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am taking notice. Of the way you painted that glass vase!
And it's reflected light.
Oooohweee this is so beautiful Jala.
The purple flower color hinted on the two sides of the glass shows how perfectly you saw this.

I think it's time to set up a blog just for Lynx. He's too cute by a factor of HUGE.

PS- just saw that the word verification for posting a comment here is " catio ".
Just sayin'..........

loriann said...

The edges in this piece are amazing, lost and intriguing. Beautiful color too.
And that kitten is just the cutest thing!

Jala Pfaff said...

Dana - Thank you!

Thanks, Ann, and I'm glad we "met"!

Rahina - What a cool comment. I like the idea. I think it was that the clematis enchanted me, in a fairy-tale kind of way.

Gwen - Thanks. In glass, I keep using more and more lost edges. I feel like it helps keep the flower more important, and also there's something almost mystical about a glass that's sort of half there and half nonexistent.

Bonnie - That's hilarious. "Catio," huh? Maybe that will become Lynx's new nickname. Glad you like the painting... Lynx will get a new blog of his own when I get a personal assistant or a secretary... Ha! :D

Loriann - Thank you!

FCP said...

Love how well you interpreted the glass vase--you make it look easy!
also am enjoying the darling kitty updates!

Laurel Daniel said...

LOVE this one! beautiful work - you really captured the delicacy and sheer beauty!

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautifully painted, Jala - I love how delicate yet "there" it feels, and those lost and found edges Loriann commented on... Have a wonderful time in London!