Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vianne's birthday party

Oh, that magical world that exists only under the papasan...

Vianne is one of the redhead goldens who frequent the local dog park. She's smaller than your average golden, and very sweet. Here she is with Sue, her person:

She turned 7 today, so Sue threw a dog birthday party. The weather could not have been more beautiful (dear weather gods: please please make the whole winter like this). People and dogs came and went for hours. Here's Moji scrounging food crumbs in the grass:

And I unwittingly captured a rare triple rear-end-sniffing moment:

 Sue brought doggie cake (rice, carrots, chicken, salmon) for all the dogs. Vianne could hardly wait:

 What I hadn't known about Vianne is that she is a food monster extraordinaire. I had never seen such a sweet, quiet dog turn into a raving Incredible Hulk when food was nearby. Here's Vianne being restrained while Mojito laughs:

 In a total of one second that her leash wasn't being held firmly, Vianne made a lunge for the cake containers, flipped off the lid of one, and stuck her entire face into the doggie cake, up to her eyes. No one got a photo of it--it happened too quickly and we were all in shock.
In her giant mouthful of cake, she'd also tried to eat the knife, which had to be pried out of her locked-down jaws.

Vianne: {Heh. I got away with it. I am not ashamed.}  (Note food on side of face.)
In completely unrelated news, I have to see an endocrinologist soon. Apparently, I may have more endocrine problems going on than just my hypothyroid. If tests are positive, it would actually explain an awful lot of symptoms. 

I have appreciated all your donations, via ChipIn or by mail, or buying some of my art! That will also help me to hopefully pay for the unexpected costs of an endocrinologist visit and some tests, since I don't have insurance.

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Shelley Smart said...

I laughed out loud at the thought of Vianne diving into a bowl of food! a relative here adopted a rescue Golden from Thailand. Sweet dog who was malnourished when he got here. Same intensity over food. Now he has unfortunately joined the ranks of chubby goldens! but he's happier!

all kids like getting UNDER the table, tents chairs!