Friday, December 21, 2012


 Methinks there be a size discrepancy here.
Actually, congratulate Fennec--he has lost a little over a pound since I instituted the new feeding method the vet ordered: Fennec is too heavy to jump up to the feeding shelf, so I lift him up there several times a day. Before, I had a chair there, so he could go up whenever he wanted to. 

He weighed close to 19 pounds and now he's around 17.5!

To compare, Gadjo is 8 pounds. Such a delicate (yet strong) little creature. 

The two of them look like different species.

Gadjo, by the way, has developed a new habit I'm not very fond of--anytime I lean over, like to pick something up off the floor, pull laundry out of the washer, or scoop cat food from the bag, Gadjo leaps onto my back like a flying monkey. If I move the slightest bit, out come the claws. And he refuses to jump down when I try to tilt him off (the way any normal cat would), so I'm getting a lot of little claw marks carved into my back lately.

In spite of the pain, I always find it extremely funny when I feel him leap onto my back and stand there, so lightly and perfectly balanced. I have to laugh, even as I scold him.

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Shelley Smart said...

I had a cat once that liked to jump on my back. Not fun. Have you tried getting in the shower and turning on the water?? Just a little bit, mind you, since you're dressed, too!