Thursday, May 3, 2012

Untitled 243

Pastel on UArt, approx. 5" x 6".

Art purchase inquiries: please email me: jala [at] jalapfaff [dot com].

I found this photo (below) on the internet. Normally I disapprove of dressing up animals in human clothes and the like, but I laughed so hard when I saw this, because I can tell this cat is a total Fennec kind of cat--super laid-back, just plump, lazy, and content with the world all the time. I so want to do this to Fennec now.


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Sonya Johnson said...

OMG...that overalls photo is hysterical! I'm not sure how it is working, though - is he really filling it up that much with his CatBody? His "dirty muzzle" marking makes it even that funnier.

I keep checking your posts and always hope to see you've found a new place to live...

Ken Rowe said...

I am really enjoying your blog Jala. Beautiful cats and fine art - what more could one want? :))

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Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Sonya, still can't move out of the house until it sells, because there's no money to do so... The divorce might be over in June, though, so some light at the end of the tunnel.
Picture this cat without the overalls--the kitty's lower tummy fat is mimicking "thigh fat" in the pant legs area. :D He looks so much like Fennec.