Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Also seeking loving home for mostly-outdoor cat

The psychological agony of all of this is indescribable.

The whole divorce process is much worse than I could've imagined, in every way.

And it's a bad migraine day too.

The beautiful black Cleo Bean.

If anyone knows anyone who could consider giving Cleo a loving new home, it would be wonderful. Cleo is beautiful, super smart, young (4? I can find out exactly if I dig up her original Humane Society records), perfectly healthy, and up to date on all vaccinations. She is not feral at all--she's friendly to people, and forms an amazing bond with her special person. [I feel horribly guilty about even considering giving her up. I know how much she loves and trusts me. :(] 

But our girl Cleo is a mostly-outdoors cat. She needs her freedom and independence, and a relatively traffic-free territory to patrol. She comes inside only to eat, to sleep on the coldest nights, and just to hang out, nap, or say hi every now and then. She has a little heated outdoor shelter for when it's cool out. She loves to hang out inside my studio while I paint, and is the only one of our cats who is allowed to do so, since she usually just curls up somewhere and doesn't mess with the painting supplies too much. One of her favorite activities is to help, supervise, and watch if you are gardening outdoors.

Cleo has always been fine with our dogs, but she doesn't like other cats. Her new home, ideally with no other cats, would have to be able to keep her indoors for a couple of weeks, and build trust and bond with her, before starting to let her out. She does use the litter box perfectly when indoors, and uses the great outdoors as a litter box as well. She puts on an amazingly thick, plush winter coat, and in summer she sheds that and is just a little sleek thing.

She's a wonderful girl, and she deserves a wonderful situation. Please ask around amongst the people you know and trust. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Jala, every time I read a new post from you my heart breaks. only wish I were closer to take in all your kitties....poor little dears and poor you! I hope they all find good , loving homes.

Sandra Galda said...

so sad for you and your pets.

limón gráfica said...

Me apena leer esta entrada.Sobre todo porque no puedo hacer nada. Un abrazo.

Caroline Simmill said...

Hello Jala, I second what Maggie has written. Wish the pond wasn't so big so that your kitties could live here. I hope they find a good home soon.