Monday, May 16, 2011

Untitled 111

Pastel on PastelMat, approx. 4.5" x 5.5".


The Husband tries to get Gadjo's attention for an iPhone photo.


In Bihar, India.

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Caroline said...

Blues, greys and soft cream and white. The tones look close together as if a mist was coming in. Plenty of mood in your painting Jala, unsettling yet beautiful too.

Jala Pfaff said...

Moody and unsettling - Cool, Caroline! Thanks.

Sonya Johnson said...

I really like this piece a lot. "Moody" is a good descriptor. Those bits of yellow add a bit of tension that makes it unsettling in an intriguing way.

Jala Pfaff said...

Sonya - Thank you!

loriann said...

Edges...paintings are about edges. This one certainly is! Beautiful!