Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Untitled 102

Pastel on UArt400, approx. 3" x 5". A favorite.




In India.

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Caroline said...

Hi Jala, once again the colour combination brings your painting together with great harmony. That subtle dash of turquoise blue makes this almost a seascape at dawn. The sky that green colour you get at that time of day. The deeper blue beneath the big wave is lovely. I really like the bold expression of your new series which are more Rothko looking than your quiet and serene previous paintings. Interesting to see where you go with this. I am trying to move away from the cold harsh lumpy grey wilderness paintings I was doing just recently for some reason I had to go through those paintings to find my way back to something a bit more peaceful. Not easy and I was up early in my pj's trying to find a way to get my latest painting to work. Not finding it yet but hopefully it will come together soon. Looking forward to your next painting. Gadjo looks so well doesn't he!

Jala Pfaff said...

Caroline, thank you and I'm happy you're enjoying this series so far. I'm posting a new one in a moment with a very subdued color scheme. Best of luck with your new painting explorations. Gadjo says hi--and yes, he's doing really well. We're so happy to have him. He brings a lot of humor and sweetness into every day.