Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Untitled 67

Pastel on Sennelier LaCarte, approx. 2.5" x 6".

Taken down by a migraine tonight, so not painting; this is from a few days ago. But I can still blog--as long as I keep the screen light really low and don't spend too long on the computer.

Finally caught Gadjo in the act while I had the camera. He sometimes does this: dives headfirst into the bag of dry dog food, grabs one, leaps out, consumes it noisily, then dives back in for more. His whole body goes in--this photo is when he was on his way back out (his tail coming perilously close to the dish of wet cat food...which he is ignoring here in favor of canine kibble).

He's doing pretty well lately. Still has some symptoms; the vet is still treating for simple injury. He's still on pain meds, which we will be gradually reducing. I guess that's when the feces could potentially strike the ventilator blades: if he's completely off the pain meds but still has the symptoms, then it's probably FHS. My sense is still that it is FHS, but since he's doing fairly well, I'm still optimistic.

Sometimes from the kitchen emanate sudden clunkings and clankings on the wood floor. These turn out to be glass jars displaced by someone seeking the warm pipes in that cupboard.

This is from the era before Gadjo, otherwise I'm sure they'd be in there together.


In India. Somehow, I never got used to the words "ladies" and "urinal" together.

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Caroline said...

The colours are very restful in your painting and I like the long vertical format too. Reminds me of a summer day on the north coast of Scotland. Gadjo is amazing!

Casey Klahn said...

Maybe Gadjo needs some alone time.

I hope your migraine is better. Those are not fun.

The brown is very nice - which pastel brand are these?

Maybe these Indian privies will become a fad here.

Sonya Johnson said...

Oh, that is awful about the migraine, Jala! I hope it has gone away by the time you see this.

Gadjo getting into the dog food...ha! Usually, it's the other way around. The incriminating photos of both he and Rumi as they engage in silly cat behavior made me laugh.

These paintings make me want to try something similar (small, pastel, long and narrow format).

Leecia Price said...

Jala, I'm glad you visited and enjoyed my blog.

I look forward to the saturated pastel pigments that peek and jump from your small works.

I have high hopes that in your home there won't be airborne best to that cute boy Gadjo.
feel better, Leecia

William Cook said...

Hi Jala--What are all those jars doing in Cadjo's bedroom? I've been very much enjoying your series. Wm

Double "D" said...

Jala, beautiful and exciting to watch
as you go through another muse.
Awesome colors.

loriann said...

Hi Jala, I am sorry to read about your migraines hurting you again. I wish I could offer some magic to help. At least you have the magic medicine of your animals. They heal.
Glad to hear Gadjo is a little better.
PS cute cat pics.

SamArtDog said...

We'll take a dogwalk tomorrow; fresh air should help.

P.S. That's dogWALK, Gadjo. Not dogFOOD. You stay home in the cabinet.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Caroline - Thank you. Looks Scottish, eh? Cool.

Hi Casey - Thanks. Migraine gone today. These are my trusty Unisons, which I use for 99% of my work.

Sonya - Thanks. Migraines suck big-time. Yes, the dogs sometimes try to sneak back and get cat food. I don't know why a cat would want to eat dry dog food. I'd love to see you do a similar-format pastel; go for it!

Hi Leecia - Thanks very much!

Wm - You're right, we're so mean to put glass jars in Rumi's bedroom. :)

DD - thank you! It's wonderful to feel inspired by a "new muse" every now and then.

Hi Loriann - Thank you. Very true. They really help me feel better.

Sam - "You stay home in the cabinet": hahahahaha.

Kelly M. said...

It's been a long time since I've visited -- truly love the rich contrast between the khaki/olive and the brights! Talk about a small but powerful punch -- stunning!

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Kelly, I appreciate it!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

the colors in this piece are so vibrant.
I love seeing your little ones snuggling and distributing soil and messing with the cabinets.
Here, the little girls are emptying the wastebaskets and dragging used paper towels all over and stealing socks. I had to do a little hydro therapy this morning ;) squirt squirt
Hoping Gadjo is going to be okay.