Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Untitled 59

Pastel on Sennelier La Carte, approx. 2" x 4."

I did several minis like this one a few nights ago; it seems I have a new series happening! I'm thinking of them as "Strata."


We had an emergency with Gadjo and had to take him to the emergency vet the last two nights in a row, coinciding, thanks to Murphy's Law, with the coldest days of the year (-15F last night). Murphy of course had already arranged his usual situation: your pet will only get sick in the middle of the night or on a Sunday, never when your normal vet is open.

About $500 poorer (our pet insurance will cover some but not all of that), we still don't know exactly what is wrong with/what happened to Gadjo. But he is on some pain meds now and seems to be doing a lot better. His X-rays looked good and bloodwork was good too. The best guess of the vets right now is that somehow he managed to get himself a really bad soft-tissue injury (along the middle/lower spine) and the pain was making him act really, really bizarre, bizarre enough that at first we were all guessing maybe he'd somehow gotten into something toxic.

(Anyone know why it costs more for an animal to go to the vet than for a human to go to the doctor?)

I'm very relieved to see Gadjo looking even semi-normal now, on the meds. It was very scary, and still is, since we don't know for sure what is really going on. I'm hoping that the tentative diagnosis is correct, because other possibilities are potentially awful (e.g., a neurological issue). We'll have him on pain meds for 5 days and as much "rest" as possible. (I'm not sure how veterinarians manage to keep a straight face when instructing that you're supposed to keep your 5-month old kitten from running, jumping, playing, and climbing...for five days.)

I know you'll all be sending him good vibes.


And of course Rumi is too.

I love the little dark-brown spot amongst all the white: it's the very tip of Gadjo's tail.


In Hyderabad, India.

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William Cook said...

Jala--Just for fun I made a post out of that painting I did in 77. My inspiration was the little tag they gave you from the end of a roll of film when you picked up your prints (don't tell anyone). As fir your versi9n, I want to see an installation of about 200 of these all different, framed as you describe and hung an inch apart. Four rows of fifty should do it. Now get to work. Til the future---Wm

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Gadjo..Gadjo...Gadjo.... what have you been upto little one? Sending you a special rub under the chin and one for Miss Lemon and Rumi too for looking after you. - What a worry Jala, I'm sure he'll be running and jumping and getting in the way soon.

These little paintings are fab I love the colours you are using and the way they pop, the coral and lavender(?) in the middle section especially.

Caroline said...

Looking forward to more in your series Jala, these really are wee gems. Poor kitten it is a worry isn't it when you are not sure what is wrong. Expensive too. I hope kitty feels better soon, maybe he doesn't want to jump around if he is feeling poorly.

Sonya Johnson said...

I'm glad to hear Gadjo appears to be doing better...and that it ends up being a case of kitten over-exuberance vs. something permanent and serious.

"Strata" - I like it. Both a food and geology term. And apropos, since your paintings have elements of both. Look forward to seeing the rest of them.

suzanneberry said...

the mini untitled series is incredible! this one in particular, beautiful dash of color and perfect title.

i'm so sorry to hear that gadjo isn't feeling well. it's amazing what happens to your stomach when the furry ones get ill but on the coldest night yet!! i hope it's nothing serious and that he's up and about in no time. my healing vibes are doin a norther lights dance over your house right now. please keep us posted and good luck.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Wm - You pay for all my matting and framing, and you can be the first person to see my installation. Deal?

Hi Lisa - Thank you very much. I'll pass along your chin rubs. Sigh. Worried.
I've done several of these little Strata pieces...I think you'll like the next bunch I'm going to post. They seem to be getting more elaborate and even more interesting color combos as I go.

Hi Caroline - Part of Gadjo's bizarre behavior is hyperactivity, so unfortunately he is jumping all too much. But we're crossing our fingers he'll get better soon.
Glad you're enjoying the new series.

Hi Sonya - I sure hope so too. Thanks.
It's a food?? What food? I was only thinking of the geological aspect.

Hi Suzanne - Always a pleasure to see when my abstract work thrills a realist! Glad you like them.
And many thanks for sending healing vibes to the little one. I will keep updates on the blog. Thx.

Sonya Johnson said...

Jala - a "strata" is basically a savory bread pudding, but done in layers vs. the usual "mix it all together" method for a dessert bread pudding.

It's like an American cousin to the Italian fritatta (baked omlette), except with the addition of bread :).

loriann said...

My sincere best wishes go out to Gadjo. It's so hard to help our fur family since they don't understand what we are doing to help and we can't always understand what they are trying to tell us about their pain. I hope all turns out well. I will send Gadjo tons of light. Hugs-

Jala Pfaff said...

Sonya - Huh. Something I've never heard of. But then I don't like eggs, so maybe that's why I've never encountered it before. Or maybe I'm just sheltered. Or something. :)

Loriann - Thank you very much!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh dearest little boy. Look at them snuggled up together.
I will send best healing wishes and prayers for a 'nothing serious' recovery.