Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've made eight small minimalist abstract white panels, oil & cold wax. They're each 6" x 6". I'm not sure yet in what configuration they'll appear, so I'll introduce them here one by one. When I figure out their configurations, I'll show them together and post a price.


And what else is white? And who has a new best buddy?

Gadjo already has several nicknames from me. "Mouse" is one. And he looks like a little spider monkey, so "Monkey" has become his most frequent nickname, along with "Hanuman" (Hindu simian god), "Monkeypod" (after the Monkeypod tree), and "Monkey Puzzle" (again, after a type of tree).

Rumi and Gadjo are hysterical together. They wrestle like crazed puppies, including loud growly sound effects (from Gadjo) and mock fatal bites. Then eventually they get tired and nod off together, after a bit of mutual grooming.

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Ann Gorbett said...

I can't help but think that your latest artwork is inspired by those cute little white things you have living in your house. I am inspired looking at them myself.

Sonya Johnson said...

The photos are too cute! Didn't take Rumi any time at all to adopt Gadjo as his new best friend (and pillow).

Will look forward to seeing the oil+wax panels - talk about productive! You have me beat :).

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

So so sweet! It's the perfect antidote for sorrow. What a happy home you have.

Bonnie Luria said...

Ann just said exactly what I was about to write!
Your ghost whites will look great together especially as winter looms.
Beyond adorable is how these two look curled up with one another. Now Rumi can be the big brother and little Gadjo feels instantly secure.

You surely know how to choose and nurture kitties in your house.

I wish I was there to fawn over them in person.

So very wonderful.

Guillermo Ruizlimón - artista visual said...

The new cat is a beauty!!

brian eppley said...

haven't checked in awhile. So sorry to hear about Basho. That must have been crushing. You're minimilist abstraction piece was a nice "representation". Best wishes

Tonya Bates said...

These pictures are so wonderful. Love the arrival/welcome progression, and then these. So happy you got a new little soul after the sad experience with Basho, which made me heart ache. You are wonderful pet parents. And you share a great deal of joy with those of us who check in.

Oh, love your art, too!!!!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Ann - They most definitely are.

Hi Sonya - Well, I guess maybe producing 8 small white related paintings = one big painting. It took Rumi about 3 seconds to decide this was his new best friend.

Hi Katherine - He is boisterous and a little wild, and when he's sleepy, he's adorable. Indeed a good antidote to sorrow.

Hi Bonnie - "Fawn" is a very appropriate word, since as he grows older, he'll become that color rather than white. (You probably already know this, but Siamese are born white and get gradually darker.) Little Gadjo needs no one to feel secure--he's the most bold, confident cat I've ever met, in spite of his miniature size.

Guillermo - Gracias y saludos a Benito.

Brian E - Thanks, "crushing" is a good way to describe it for sure. And thanks about the painting too.

Hi Tonya - Thank you for all your kind words. And I'm glad the pics bring you joy. I melt when I see kitties, even if it's just in a pic.

Guillermo Ruizlimón - artista visual said...

By the way: ¿hablas español?