Saturday, November 20, 2010


All three of these photos were taken on the same street here in Hyderabad in the same few minutes.

There are no camels in Hyderabad. This was a weird sight for everyone (there's a dog on the left of the picture that pretty much went nuts). We were told later that the camel had been brought from Rajasthan for a wedding... be eaten. (Perhaps as Palette Signature, or to be served with Loose Prawns.)
Poor thing.

Sad little urban tree.

Yesterday, before we managed to extricate ourselves from that lousy hotel, we had to endure breakfast, in which the idlis (Indian breakfast staple) were too salty to eat, the milk had gone sour, the cereal had been manufactured several decades ago, and our desperate words "juice" and "fruit" received only the blankest of looks.

Moreover, in my opinion, life is hard enough without having to listen to minor-key Muzak during breakfast. I'm just sayin'.

I went back to the room and ate a chocolate bar for breakfast.

We changed back to our original hotel (they had been booked up for that night that we had to change) and were put in a room near some kind of hotel-staff service area. I asked the manager if it would be noisy, and was told: "Madam [that's what they call you here, like it or not], I am one hundred percent certain that you will not find it noisy." How do you know?, I asked him. "Because I have never received a complaint from that room."

Well... The manager has now received his first complaint.

We are now packing up to change rooms. We've had to completely repack every single day on this trip. Sigh...


And now for something completely different, a video from home...

In which our (little) hero must extricate himself from the bottom of a heavy kitty pile.


Sonya Johnson said...

Oh, that sounds like no fun! Next time you go to India, LMK, and I'll do a "food care package" for you so you won't have to eat horrid hotel food or chocolate bars :).

My biggest fear staying in places like that would be bedbugs or roaches. I don't cope well with that sort of thing at all.

Hope things get better, food and lodging-wise!

ELFI said...

faut avoir une bonne santé et de l'humour pour supporter..

SamArtDog said...

We like the glowing dog eyes. He must've known camel chops were what's for dinner.

Love the hierarchical pig pile. Miz Lemon, the eternal maternal fountain of lick.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I think I might have to order the Chilly Prawns just out of curiosity. Funny, if you're not in the middle of it, starving for real food and curbing your hunger with chocolate bars for breakfast!! Your photos tell the tale: Jala is in an exotic place, or to quote Star Trek's character "Bones": It's life, Jim, but not as we know it!!