Sunday, October 31, 2010

Presenting Gadjo

We are safe from fire and didn't have to evacuate, though the evacuation area stopped just five blocks from our house.

The Husband showed up yesterday with a big, unauthorized surprise: this little muffin, from the Longmont Humane Society. After our tragic experience with Basho, I had decided against getting another.

But if you saw this little creature show up at your door, would you be able to say no?

Gadjo is a Rom (gypsy) word meaning foreigner or outsider. It's amazing how much he resembles Basho, minus of course Basho's Snowshoe-breed white markings.

Poor little Basho will live in our hearts always. We had several talks with our Humane Society and they have spoken to their staff and everyone has agreed that Basho's legacy will be for them to be more cautious in the future with all sick kittens, knowing the little creatures may be more gravely ill than suspected.

And Gadjo is warm and soft and funny and sweet, and strangely, I seem to have forgiven The Husband pretty quickly for his transgression.

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Bonnie Luria said...

There is not a font big enough, a color bright enough, a voice loud enough, a pulse rapid enough to describe how I feel.
And it's YOUR kitty!!!!!

Transgressions my a..! Sanjay, as the saying goes, R_O_C_K_S.
You've been given an early Thanksgiving.
Where to begin?
The interlude between Gadjo and Rumi is precious, priceless. Rumi's extended paw and little Gadjo's inquisitive face looking up at his protective new brother ( wait Gadjo until you get the Miss Lemon treatment...)
That last photo of you is so poetic and serene.
What a wonderful and joyous finish to a pretty miserable week with losing Basho and skirting fires and potential evacs.

Your input to the Humane Society was beneficial to them and perhaps some sense of all is not wasted in losing Basho for both of you.
How will you ever leave for India with this peanut in your house?!!!!!!

I am genuinely thrilled for you- what a lucky kitty.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

A lovely and thoughtful transgression indeed!

Mona said...

you guys come up with the greatest names, and it's wonderful picture of you and the newest addition to your family.

Sonya Johnson said...

First off, I'm glad the fire is a non-issue now. Scary stuff, having to worry about evacuating.

And second, this is a wonderful surprise from your DH! A sweet and thoughtful way to help make some of the sad over Basho go away. A new life, and a new beginning for everyone in the house.

Rumi's welcoming sequence is just too cute for words....

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear the good news! What an adorable little cuddle bug! What a lucky kitty, and lucky kitty parents!

loriann said...

WOw, what a little cutie Gadjo is! It seems like The Husband knew just what to do. It also seems like Rumi is very interested in his new family member. Love the photos.
Please tell me little more about how you are introducing the new kitten. We are adopting 2 new little ones into our fold of 3 (one very old, and a 7 and 8 year old.) It's funny they also have a bit of snowshoe in them.
I am happy to hear that you have been spared the fire. How scary!

Maggie Latham said...

I'm So pleased for you. What a cute little guy.....

Jayaraman said...

I have been a silent spectator or rather a non-participant observer to you all your blogs though I do read read it avidly.

However, after the posting on Gadjo, I could not resist joining the discussion.

The Husband seems to have a latent motherhood in him. Despite the pretensions to manliness, there is a latent streak of motherliness in all males and I guess all it takes is somebody like Gadjo to come along for it to surface.

I hope in a few days, when Gadjo will adjust itself to its new home and parents, you change its name in Romanish to sound like an Insider.

SamArtDog said...

The first photo of Rumi checking out Gadjo and vice versa is by far the best. What goes on in cat heads? Rumi--Who gets the food? Who gets the attention? Gadjo--It's mine. All mine!

Glad we all didn't have to evac!

Gwen Bell said...

I am just catching up with your sad news about Basho. Poor little kitty. I always feel like I know your precious pets from all of the photos and stories you share. He was such a beautiful little thing.

On a happier note...Congratulations on your new baby! He is precious and looks very healthy. I know he is in for a very happy life living with all the love in your home.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Fantastic, Jala - and what absolutely wonderful pics you have there. I am sure Rumi could apply to join Mensa.

ArtPropelled said...

Clever husband knows best! Gadjo is so adorable and watching Rumi's paw dart out in greating is just priceless.

carolking said...

My deepest condolences about Basho. I can't imagine how hard that was.

Gadjo, is absolutely adorable and if I could have a kitty I would come to Colorado and steal him.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I think the hubby is a great guy who kind of knows the cure for your sadness.
We got our babies the day before Thanksgiving from the local Humane group. A gift to us both from my Hubby. Isn't cat love wonderful?!