Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo day

No new paintings to show yet. So here are some photos instead...

In the Indian state of Bihar: these construction guys in a very high distant window (zoomed here) were thrilled to find they were being noticed.

In the city of Patna.

Yesterday I took Rumi to the vet for his 1-yr. old vaccinations. Rumi is one year old this month! Can you guess, based on your knowledge of Rumi's personality, how he feels about going to the vet?

He loves it. Loves going in the car, loves the attention, loves having his heart listened to and his intestines palpated, loves meeting new people. They were calling in people from other rooms to come meet the zany white kitty. This photo was taken with my iPhone while I was driving (I know, dangerous but this photo had to be taken)--this is what it looked like in the passenger seat next to me:

From the archives: Rumi as a lanky young thing.

Today: a lazy Friday afternoon with some of the most beautiful weather the world has ever known.

Rumi cuddled up to The Husband: internet surfing by proxy. Rumi's little smile slays me.

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Anonymous said...

He's pretty darn cute!

Bonnie Luria said...

"Can you guess, based on your knowledge of Rumi's personality, how he feels about going to the vet?"

Not to sound like a know it all ( merely a know Rumi all..) I guessed right!

Your description made me laugh- having his intestines palpated- indeed!

More than you finding the perfect kitty, the kitty found the perfect parents.
He makes me feel happy too.

SamArtDog said...

Some thots:
The window pics are some of your best ever.

Rumi's left eye will forever be squinty; it makes him look forever wry.

You guys both wear great shirts. Just wait until the world gets a load of your new brand, "Smooth Color".

Jala Pfaff said...

Don - Thank you. We certainly think so.

Bonnie - He enjoyed every part of his vet visit except for the actual injections, and the part where they tried (and failed) to take his temperature.

Sam - Probably a good chance that he will always have a squinty eye to some extent, though we continue with the medicine in hopes that some day the infection might be eradicated.
You mean Slow Color. Unless that's a joke I'm not getting (which is quite probably, with you). :) Thanks for the compliments. Dawg walk soon.

Sonya Johnson said...

The India photos have a total photojournalist feel to them - you really capture the essence of that country so well.

I bet Rumi is the star attraction at the vet's office; Nelson is the same way! I had to take him in regularly for bloodwork (he has CRF) back in CT, and everyone loved it when he would come in, and he was a trooper about having needles stuck in his vein and bladder.

The Rumi photos all make me smile - easy to see why he's such a charmer!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Sonya, thanks for the compliment about the photos. I really love taking photos...especially in such a visually rich place. (Though for cloud/sky photos, you rule!) I got a lot of good India pics this last trip in spite of having very little time to do so. It's really true though that in India you pretty much just point and click, and you're bound to get fascinating shots no matter what. Too bad I can't breathe the air there!
I'm so sorry to hear about Nelson! Will send you an email about it. I went through that with my beloved Halfie cat.
Rumi...he makes me smile all day long.

loriann said...

Loved seeing the Rumi photos. He obviously will steal the show at any and every moment. Lucky him..lucky you!