Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the Seine

His favorite place in the world to nap: on top of the couch. He's gotten very loooooong. (And note the "Mohawk" tummy fur here.)

I used mostly pastel pencils on this, to be able to be more precise (because it's not that big), and then a little bit of soft pastel on top of that. I so love how the Sennelier LaCarte takes charcoal (used for a light under-sketch for placement here), pastel pencil, and soft pastel.

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Anonymous said...

What catches my eye is the directional pencil line work and the angles they depict.
And how subtle and nuanced your colors are.
Not a slave to any one medium are YOU!

You could turn out great work with a bottle of White Out and a blank piece of paper.

Lynx muffin is now Lynx pie. He is growing.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is just beautiful, Jala. I love the blues and orange.

Anonymous said...

i love the angles and suggestive shapes Jala, something very touching, probably from everyone's memories r.

Janelle Goodwin said...

This one really catches the eye. I just want to stare into it. Beautiful!

Brian McGurgan said...

I love this one, Jala, really captivating.