Friday, September 4, 2009

Spring came and left

The latest. Very cool details in person, and lots of texture. Completely new palette (have been naughty, ordering some interesting-sounding colors). I love this one; The Husband doesn't like it at all.

Trying out the "large" size photo upload here, as opposed to the "medium" I've been using.

I have been lagging with my blogging duties somewhat...sorry. The new semester just started, and with it all the administrative stuff that goes along with teaching. I'm teaching four days a week (three Spanish, one drawing), and experimenting like a fiend at night in the studio with painting materials and such. Very tired lately.

He's such a character.

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Janelle Goodwin said...

I love this one too!!! I'm drawn in by your abstracts, especially this one.

Give Lynx a kiss and hug for me!

Samartdog said...

This one I love. Looks like this end of the summer. One flash of green memory. Btw, I've seen the cute man in brown dropping off your new I-like-em colors.

loriann said...

Jala, I love your experimenting and when I click on it I see the cool texture in the painting. Nice. Hang in there. The beginning of the semester is always sooooo hard. Glad to hear you still have energy to go into the studio.

Gwen Bell said...

I love this one too...don't listen to him! Love the colors, the energy. Can tell it's gotta be gorgeous in person.

Lynx is too cute. Looks like his playing Hide-n-Seek here.

Anonymous said...

Some of your other abstracts remind me of dusk or dawn with a dramatic bit of glowing color. This one is so different and full of light, more like mid-day, yet very subtle and complex. I like the subtle color shift from the center to the edges.

Brian McGurgan said...

Nice energy and motion in this painting, Jala - I like the texture and limited palette.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Janelle, will do!

Sam - That's exactly it. Maybe I should rename it that--"Flash of Green Memory" ? Hmm...Nice. Yeah, those people in brown work hard, don't they?

Loriann - Thanks. The energy is lagging, though. I'm no longer able to paint every day.

Hi Gwen - Thanks. It actually took some guts for me to post this painting, as it's so extremely different than anything I've ever done. Lynx is seriously ridiculously cute.

Hi Donald - What a totally cool comment/description. I can tell you really SAW it and thought about the painting. Thank you!